Did I say that?

Posted on March 1, 2007. Filed under: Did I say that? |

Why did I open my big mouth…

It’s fairly normal for Practitioners of all types to have a bit of a script that we tend to stick to, bits of humour that we tragically cling to.  Most of the time it takes the edge off things and puts us into a comfortable place.  However sometimes these are misplaced, or sometimes without a second though we just goof up.
“I’ll be mum” is probably one of the most stoopid I’ve come up with, but alas it doesn’t stand alone in my list of things I wish I’d never said, (including the classic  – “Yes! I’ll take the job thank you”)“I’ll Be Mum” – There I stand ready to pour the tea, in the relatives room, with the grieving family of an unsuccessful resus on there mother.
A young boy presented with his mother complaining of leg pain following a simple trauma. I assessed him, stated he wouldn’t need an Xray, advised on homecare and then humerously stated (as I’d done before with other patients – but not since) 
Max: “Well I don’t think we need to chop it off anytime soon”. 
Into a silent room the reply fell…mother explained that his older brother had to have his leg amputated…Well what are the chances…


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