Strange FB’s again

Posted on March 7, 2007. Filed under: Foreign Bodies |

This is quite bizarre, and a little bit legendary in my neck of the woods, so I was slightly reserved against sharing it as it may give away my alter ego identity, (but I’m not too worried).

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I shall begin…

It was a couple of years ago, when I was a fresh faced NP student. My next patient on  the computer screen was listed with the PC of “bleeding tummy button”.  The patient was an adult female, so my usual guesstimate of what I’m going to see was limited, some kind of grossly ruptured hernia perhaps???

As the patient entered my room, it was apparent that she was more than a few kilos over weight.  She gave a history that she had noticed a small amount of dried blood near her belly button, but was otherwise asymptomatic.

So we took a look, she popped onto the couch and there was a tiny amount of red goo on her skin, nothing gross.  At this point I should have said:

“Oh, probably just a scratch, go home and return if you have any further problems”

But no, not I – this phenomenon needed further investigation, (prompted partially by a slight malodour coming from the deep dark depths of her umbilical region)

So first I try a separate the skin as much as possible, and with the light beaming behind me, have a look. There I see something! I get a cotton bud and delve further into the cavern before me and with a nice scoop action remove the foreign body….

One dead moth….

So my patient is embarrassed, but goes away happy in the knowledge there is no surgical emergency, but from that day to this I have one question…

Surely it didn’t fly in there, so did it go in as a Caterpillar?

The moral of the story –  never forget the importance of good umbilical hygiene.

Kim’s been busy again with another:


but make sure you take your tissues, the first few links are real weapy, nursey stuff (You’ve been warned)


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3 Responses to “Strange FB’s again”

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we rolled a patient who had come in from home a few weeks ago, to examine his bottom area with wound vac, and low and behold a battery fell of of his “rolls”. yummy!!!

Gorgeous, just one question Kendra…
How much did you need to charge him? Ok I’m just being daft.
My real question is…what happened to the rest of his vibrator/TV remote – have you found it yet? Ok still being daft.
Thanks for your addition.

Just when I thought I had heard and seen everything…I’m surprised the cocoon didn’t come out with it….


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