Wanted…Daddy or Alive.

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I had my lovely 2 year old daughter on the phone this morning, just a few minutes before starting my clinic. She likes listening on the phone, but rarely says much, but this morning she muttered, “I want my daddy”.

OK, cancel everything…I’m on my way. If only.

The problem is, she is apparently not the only one who wants to see me. OR IS SHE…

Some days I get the Nurse Practitioners upset statement…

I couldn’t see the Doctor, so I had to see you

To this I have two urges… The first is to say: “Actually you don’t have to see me, F*** off and by the way I don’t really want to see you”

My second urge is to convert them.  Prove that I am sooooo nice, thorough and helpful that in future they will want to come and see me.

 Almost as annoying is the classic:

“I came to see you, because I didn’t want to waste the doctors time”  and I have been known to mutter: “so you thought you’d waste mine instead”. (only very quietly and after the patient has left)

Some of those patients who I have converted, I wish I hadn’t.

One of my prime examples came this morning, essentially a charming old lady, suffers with sore throats on a fairly regular basis, and her GP gives  her antibiotics.  So several months ago, she had to come and see me, as her Dr. had no appointments.

I gave a good working over, showed her literature stating that antibiotics were only useful on bacterial infections and that sore throats are usually self limiting, etcetera, etc., etc..  Well she was upset, kept batting for antibiotics, and I stood my ground (I know its about coming to an agreement with the patient not dictating there care…BUT)

She left, unscripted, and her throat got better. Now she seems to think I’m the only clinician in the building who can tell whether or not a throat needs antibiotics.  So every tickle, sniffle or ache she darkens my door way. Don’t get me wrong she’s a lovely lady.  But take this as a warning. Careful who you convert to the dark arts of Nurse Practitioning.

Also I was left feeling unwanted…because I made a referral to the hospital rapid assessment chest pain clinic. HGV driver, with intermittent L sided chest pains, radiating into his arm. Hypertensive and an unhealthy life style.

The clinic saw him, did stress test and other investigations, and have arranged a management plan for him, but the letter back to the surgery advised this was an inappropriate referral as…”it came from a Nurse Practitioner”.  Clinically sound and not so inappropriate that they didn’t investigate it and start a treatment plan, but not from a Doctor.  Bloody charming!

I also had a letter from an ENT consultant, to me directly, thanking me for the referral and stating “If I can be of any further assistance please let me know”. 

Now I know I have some Doctors reading – (albeit Dorky & anonymous ones) but you guys must know that it’s the little things us Nurse Practitioners celebrate, like a letter addressed to us. (and wine, chocolate, candle light and a good seeing to – although my preference is not to have a good seeing to by a Dr!)


Spirits are high in the surgery today…

…it’s Friday, it’s payday, and it might just be sunny too. (Once this grey pesky mist burns off).


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i guess it will take a lifetime to educate a doctor worshipping public 😦 hang in there!

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