Bloomin’ heck…

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Part of the reason I blog, is because I don’t believe in the old phrase “I’ve seen it all”. The longer I work, the more I realise that the human race is diverse and totally unpredictable.

Max on a diverse & unpredictable day!

For example – I have often commented that in the winter we should allow extra appointment time, just to allow our elderly patients time to take off their clothes and multiple undergarments. 

“All I want to do is listen to you chest – but I can find it”. So you could be thinking – that’s not diverse, all old people wear lots of underwear.

“Brief” history of underwear link

This week (fair enough the weather is warmer as spring has sprung) I needed to examine a lady in her 80’s with a pain in her buttock. I shouldn’t assume or be ageist, but I expected that under her trousers I would find a long vest tucked into thick crinkly suspenders, clipped and belted over a whopping great pair of briefs… but NO there she stood in her back G string. (Look if I say thong – the Australians will think she has a sandal up her butt)

misses cartoons, misses cartoon, misses picture, misses pictures, misses image, misses images, misses illustration, misses illustrations

Surely I am not ageist! I treat everyone as equal, even barking mad people I have respect for.

It’s only a fine line between sane and being insane…That gets me thinking – “oh no not again!”

Some of the words we use are interesting. Insane is a classic.

If you take the word “in” to mean within or inside something- and the word “sane” to mean in a good state of mental health, then to be “in-sane” is to be within a good state of mental health. Yes?

It’s a bit like the Psychiatric/Audiology assessment, which proves everybody is insane or going deaf:

Do you hear voices?”

Yes = you have a schizophrenic tendency

No= you have gone deaf.

Well? What’s your answer?

I know – you must be mad, to have read this.

Until next time when we will discuss the finer use of medical word – like sphygmomanometer – bye!!


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6 Responses to “Bloomin’ heck…”

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I have always been amazed at some of the underwear (or lack of it) that some people wear when visiting the doctor / nurse and knowing that they might have to undress a bit. Great post!!

Good one…it is always interesting. The patients keep it real for us. G-string at 80, hell I am only in my 30’s and can’t even pull that off!

My favorite was the 95 year old man with black boxers covered in hearts……

Hey Max! Just started reading your blog! It’s hilarious! Keep up with the good work! Visit my blog if you like: it’s (you won’t find any thongs there 😉

Slightly concerned that Kendra can’t pull her G string off! and as for Kim, well I’m sure I would wear black shorts with heart on too if I was in your ER!

[…]  I have told in the past about the elderly lady with and her under garments. […]

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