Goodbye to baby & fat lady & hello monkey!!

Posted on May 9, 2007. Filed under: Benign |

Bizarre. I have just felt the need to delete a picture from my blog.  No it wasn’t a group of naked young foxes….


In P=Q-D/C/BM, I used a picture of a over weight lady trying to get her jeans on, following a news article about weight gain being in the genes/jeans. Since then I have recieved loads of comments of abuse about fat people. The majority of which I have deleted.  These are not from my normal readers (I know there are a few of you out there), but from people doing google images searches.  So despite my raising blog stats, the lady has gone. Yes I want readers, but not horrid abusive ones – unless of course they are abusive to me directly!

 Back to stats… Max has now had over 13, 000 hits.  So to celebrate, I’ve decided to change my look. I played around with different themes but couldn’t find one I liked more than this, so I have got a new photo….


A tie wearing serious looking dude -as oppose to the middle finger waving baby.

 Anyhow….how’s it going?  I’ve had a fairly normal week. Someone wanted me to look in their ears, and ever since then I’ve been itchy like I’ve got cirrhosis

Odd behaviour you might think.  ALAS NO!!! It wasn’t the patient that made me itch, it was the little critters living in her hair. Not one or two – but lots of lice. 

I told my co-workers of my psychological itching (I’m hoping it is psychological only – I don’t like to take my work home with me!!)  and they told me of a woman who keeps monkeys, and how her children used to just be de-nitted by the monkey!

So once again Max gets thinking. When I were lad – we had “the nit nurse!!” but these are a thing of the past… Apparently a “waste of resources”.  But monkeys – well you can pay them peanuts – literally!  Each GP surgery could have one in the waiting room – beats that crappy tank of fish at the dentist for entertainment while waiting to be seen.

 Poor old Nitty Nora – replaced by a monkey!


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2 Responses to “Goodbye to baby & fat lady & hello monkey!!”

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I hate it when my patient has creepy crawlies, I’ll itch for days afterwords.

I think I have just about stopped scratching now. I still feel the need for a hair cut though.

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