It’s not unusual…

Posted on May 18, 2007. Filed under: Journal from behind the desk... |

At no point did I suggest that I am intelligent!

Not good at mathematics?

Reading around these pages you will quickly realise that I have done and said stoopid things…

…but sometimes I excel at it…

Every day I examine multiple chests, but today I found something unusual – there was a wheeze in the patients R upper lobe – it’s not unusual…

It happens all the time.

But then….it disappeared!

It reappeared on his L lower lobe – and then was gone again.

It reappeared on his R mid lobe – and then was gone again.

This is odd.  Eventually after a fair bit of double checking, I came to my diagnosis….

His chest had globally clear air entry but….

My nose was whistling!  Embarrassingly stupid, but clinically sound (or a non- clinical sound!)

Just a question for you (AKA the return of word of the day)…

If a man came in with a cold sore and his glands swollen in the neck would you tell him he had …

Labial Herpes and cervical lymphadenopathy?

He might think you were confused about his gender and think he had something wrong with his cervix and herpes around his labia (study the picture on this last link well boys, you might find something you haven’t before!)

Anyhow, my patient last week had herpes labial and told me it hadn’t cleared up with coleslaw cream….

Well it won’t love, that’s just for salads!

Ho -hum. Dim Sum. Coleslaw. Now that’s unusual in a health care blog!!  Better keep taking the tablets….


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Well, coleslaw for a cold sore – it sounds good to me!
I wonder what other food-related treatments are out there?

Ok I feel better about my steth error! Really I found it funny rather than horrifying, I just felt the need to be dramatic on my blog. 🙂

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