How to start a consultation (part one)…

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Part one….looks at the quiet patient… 

 Quiet TimeBig bird gives Max the creeps…

Wise practitioners will tell you, that after introducing yourself to your patient you should sit and allow your patient to talk….without interuption, until they have devulged their burning issues, at which point the practitioner can proceed with open questions and lead into the more specific closed questions.

Sometimes this doesn’t work….

Max: So what’s the trouble?

Patient: M’knee.

Big Pause…

(Big Paws….)

Max: OK? (expectant pause – nothing recieved)…and what exactly is wrong with it???

Pt: If I knew that I wouldn’t be here…

So sometime you have to guide your patient through, how long has it been a problem, the following responses are not helpful…

“Ages!” (at this point I get ratty and short “days, weeks, months or years? and how many?”  Sometimes to the point of questionnaires answers : “1-3 months, 4-6 months, 6-8 months or 9-12 months???? Well????”

“Since I went on holiday” (You failed to send me a post card, how the frogs legs should I know when you went on holiday?)

So the morale of the story is that the practitioner can be taught how to start a counsultation, but someone should teach the patients.  You’ve been sat in the wait room ready 10 year old copies of “Good Housekeeping” magazine, why did you not take the opportunity to consider what you were going to say when you got called in???

In part 2 we look at the patient with a blinding opening statement…


Find of the week: I was trawling around, and popped in to Doctors Gadgets to find this fantastic walking “wheel”-chair!  To me it appears that this walking wheel chair has two major flaws:

Hubo FX-1 Chair Bot-firstly it elevated the user to new heights – literally, I have vision of multiple attendences in clinics due to disabled people with head injuries from walking straight into door frames. The UK has only just managed to ensure most door ways have wheelchair access, before you know it all houses will need to be knocked down and rebuilt to make sure their is enough headroom for these robots!!!!

 -secondly: you would need a bloody long extension lead!!  Perhaps this is a marketing ploy, the more people with walking wheelchairs the more wires for people to trip over, therefore leading to more people needing wheelchairs.  Quick someone call my stockbroker…. Buy, Buy, Buy

Bye, Bye, Bye….

PS: Change of Shift is up.  1 year old, so a big well done to Kim. (I was a bit slack this time and didn’t send in.  I am studying presently – it’s a lame excuse I know)… 


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