At what point would you like me to start banging my head on the desk…

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Some people in jobs like mine say “I thought I’d heard it all…”  I will never say this. I am aware that every single person is diverse, and as such there is an infinite amount of “stuff” they will do, say or have happen to them.

Infinite Diversity

The elderly are great, and determind to stay young, not just using medications to stay alive and healthy for ever, but active to prove themselves (and too right to).

 I have told in the past about the elderly lady with and her under garments.

This week I had a patient attend with a history of falling off a skateboard and hitting his shin on a concrete bollard.  Fair enough these things happen you might say and indeed good on him, at 83 years old some people struggle to walk, and this dude is trying his hand at skateboarding!!!

He told me last time he skate-boarded was 20 years ago, and people said then he should know better at his age.

These people don’t make me want to bang my head on the desk.  I felt proud at the old boy – keep it up. (Hope you leg doesn’t ulcerate)

It’s the ones who do stupid things, but not with any sense of excitement or balls about it. Take my last patient for example, I confess I was perhaps a little short with her.

Pt: I’ve started having fits again.

Max: Have you been taking you Epilim?

Pt: No! My boyfriend said I should stop it.

Max: And he’s a neurologist?

Pt: No!

Pt again: I stopped taking them a week ago and I’ve had 7 fits.

Max: After the first 2 or 3 fits, did you not think perhaps it might be sensible to start taking the tablets again?

Pt: Yeah, suppose so!

Diversity is diverse. Stupidity is just stupid!


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