Crippen you love us…

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That Moaning old git has been at it again – nurse practitioner bashing. It was Mental Nurse who got him started again.

On June 25th he started NP bashing again….boring.  Just this once I am going to lower myself – because I feel passionately?

No, thought it might be fun.

I know Dr Crippens hides a secret passion for Nurse Practitioners, he just get confused between love and hate.

I am one such Nurse Practitioner…I sit in a GP surgery, behind a desk, with my tie on, call my patients and then:
Assess, (Diagnose), Plan, Implement and Evaluate their care (this is called the Nursing Process – cool hey?).  I even – heaven forbid – prescribe.

Am I bound by Protocol? Hell no! I am (he’d love this bit) – an autonomous practitioner…. Crippins are you there? No? I can relax, I don’t want to be responsible for his blood pressure going up.

Do I work for the NHS? NO!  I work for a partnership of GP’s.  Yes – those mad fools employ me!! 

WHY would they employ a NP?  I hear you ask,  Well the truth is 2 fold:
1: I’m good at my job,
2: I am cheaper to employ than another Dr. ( oh I feel so degraded and cheap – sob sob)

They can save money and buy sports cars instead of employing a Dr!!- WOW!

Hang on then – so the NHS don’t employ me – the Doctors themselves do….

Max ‘n’ Crip’s
Yes I am Frankensteins Nurse Practitioner. Doctors created my job…. Queue demonic laughter HA HA HA HAAAAAA – If it wasn’t for Doctors wanting me I’d be a “normal” nurse in an A&E (ER).  

I know my scope of practice and I have no concerns about asking my colleagues (sorry I obviously meant superior doctors) about things I don’t know….and…are you ready for this…..sometimes they even ask ME for advice… Oh, I hope Crippen isn’t reading I don’t want to be responsible for his chest pain?

I should stop, but I am enjoying myself….

 The movie “based” on the true story..

Historically Dr Crippens have been murderous creatures, is Dr John Crippen in fact related to Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen?  Perhaps Dr HH Crippen’s wife wanted to move back to the USA to be an NP, and thus he murdered her. Perhaps this deep seated hatred of NP’s has been in the Crippen family for years.

Dr John Crippens seem to enjoy being rude about NP’s – is it that he enjoys our attention really?  In the way a son might about a mother perhaps!! Sigmund where are you????

He is perhaps a sad man who just needs to have a big hug. Go on John give us a big manly hug. Make it your mission to embrace a Nurse Practitioner. You never know you might just grow to like us…

And yes, I know, if that big blogging monster Crippens reads my little blog he will slate me, and make rude comments. But actually I don’t give a monkeys.  Why haven’t more NP’s commented? – I know the answer, they’re busy seeing his patients while he spends all his time blogging. (and yes – I am a blogger too – so I am skiving as much!!)

Dr. John Crippens I send you big manly hugs, and as much sarcasm as you like. 

Meanwhile the fantastic new is hosting Change of Shift….plenty of reading so grab a coffee and a bourbon, if the urge takes you!


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10 Responses to “Crippen you love us…”

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Glad we could help you lower yourself 🙂

Is that a real movie poster??? Hilarious.

Of course it’s very naughty of you to be taunting Dr. Crippen like that…

Great post. I think you will find though that you do work in the NHS, unless your GPs are running a private practice where they charge patients. The GP surgery is the first port of call for the NHS patient, therefore as such even though you are employed by the practice, you do sad to say work in the NHS.

Correct me if I am wrong

Julie – I think Maxenurse’s point is that his job was created by doctors rather being foisted upon them by a New Labour conspiracy to destroy the NHS. It’s true that GP practices mostly service the NHS, but they do so essentially from the status of independent contractors.

Seriously though, what is Dr Crippen’s beef? I know I said medi-bloggers shouldn’t stoop to ad hominem pisstaking, but…did this guy’s wife run off with a nurse practitioner?

Technicalities Julie…you are of course right. I myself am contracted by a private business, the GP’s (my employers) are essentially comissioned to see NHS pt’s. My point was more along the lines that the doctors weren’t lumbered with an NP to cope with, but they employed me. Hence the Frankeinstein comment.

Basically what mental nurse/zarathustra identified and thanks for the returning link…


Touche’! I actually have a link on his site and I think that I am the only nurse practitioner to have one? I think he only pretends to hate us in order to get more readers. You know the old controversy gets us going every time! If I want a great laugh, I go read his NP bashing and then go back to practicing at what I do best. Taking care of my patients!

Well, that’s exactly my point. It’s just another media ploy. Disaster makes good news. Good News is a disaster for paper sales.
Nice to have your comments.


Frankensteins Nurse Practitioner? You crack me up. Maybe Dr. Crippens will give you a job so he can buy more sports cars.

[…] Nurse Practitioner bashing again.  I would like to point the good reader in the direction of my last Crippens related post.  Which pretty much says it […]

I agree with your love/hate assessment of the situation. It stirs up controversy which makes for more readers. Great Blog!

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