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Yesterday was a tad mad at work, but I was on fire, I had extra patients, had to wait for an ambulance to take my patient with unstable angina to hospital, referred others in and all this before coffee, which I had time to drink as somehow I had caught up. SMOKIN’!!

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My normal DJ was on holiday, so on my way home I was cruising the stations looking for something interesting, I stumbled across the very sensible BBC Radio 4. Where the only DJ’s they have are the Dinner Jackets the presenters wear (well probably not any more – but it’s that kind of station!)

The discussion was about the power of laughter, and suggested a hypothesis that laughing can release endorphins, which consequently can make people less suseptable to pain.

No! not releasin’-dolphins!!

Then when I’d done my evening chores I sat down and watched a drama which contained a story about witch craft and voodoooooooooooooooohhhhh!  The “hero” a criminal psychologist, was reassuring everyone that all the magic was simply due to the power of persuasion and the use of hidden suggestive words in the sentences….

Where is this going Max???

Well obviously this is a discussion about improving patient care….

I lay in bed last night, being buzzed by a bloody mosquito, and thought that I should fill my consultation with positive messages of good health.

Firstly I’m going to get a big picture of an eye, some ham and a well on my wall, so people come in and think “eye ham well”.

Secondly I thought I could hang a snelling eye chart with the letters spelling out “U FEEL BETTER NOW”

and best of all I’m going to say “well, how can I help you”

and when people leave and say “thank you” I’ll say:

You’re well-come – back and see me if you have any other concerns”

The only other thing I could think of is making people laugh…Still that might make people nervous…

Any other suggestions? Is this ethically? 

 Want more? I’ve written my 3rd piece for NursingLink. Sorry to hear that the smashing Beth has “retired” from Nursing Link, but I would like to publicly say what a cracking job she’s done.  Still she’ll still be around


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8 Responses to “Psychobabble….”

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Just finished writing this and found a much more sensible article on the same thing at:
Just in case you are interested.

Hmmm – if laughter is really the best medicine, then perhaps my GP needs to lighten up a little.

I read your story on NursingLink. Loved it!


My understanding is that hyenas and chimpanzees don’t laugh, they only bark: laughter is a uniquely human ability. And it does make us feel better, although context might be important. (I’m not keen on a belly laugh during an appendectomy).

Fair comment re: appendectomy!
So the expression “laughing like a hyena” really suggests they are barking mad, rather than amused – interesting

Two words: Patch Adams. Look him up if you don’t know who he is. Trust me on this.

Then, if you haven’t seen it, you really should rent the movie by the same name.

Thanks for the compliment, Max! I think I’ll be much better off as an independent blogger with no need to curb my “cheekiness.” ( :


You don’t happen to be a fan of the Alan Parson’s Project, do you? 🙂

Max says: urm… no actually.

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