On my 18th I got a suitcase…

Posted on August 9, 2007. Filed under: Journal from behind the desk... |

“Happy 18th Birthday son….we bought you a suitcase!”

OK my hair wasn’t quite that retro

I was happy with that. I was off to get drunk and train to be a nurse! Cool!

I mention this because it seems there is a growing population who seem reluctant to untie the apron strings of momma’s food and love!

When I was in my mid to later teens I wouldn’t have dreamed of bringing my mum into the doctors with me, but some do. This week however I have been a little shocked. 

Firstly it was a 20 year old female, who sat quietly while her mummy told me all about her daughters poorly throat. Bless.  I didn’t mind too much, I thought perhaps she had laryngitis and couldn’t talk very well. I felt quite embarrassed when I asked:

“Are you having trouble talking?”

and the 20 year old, clear as a fog horn said:


I felt like advising they went home a had some Calpol, rather than a nasty adult tablet of Paracetamol. (AKA Acetaminophen – come on Americans speak English!! – look I love ya really – oddly most of my readers are American (it must be my swell accent!), so I best not take the pee too much!) – oooh side tracked!

But then it just got worse…

A guy in his mid 20’s came in complaining of a itchy peri-anal rash (as oppose to perennial rash – which would of course be an abundance of colourful flowers – some of my readers are gardeners!) Sorry! side tracked again.  (and oppose to a perineal rash – some of my readers are nurses!) Whoa – easily distracted today.

Anyway, there he stood, bum in my face. I advised I thought it was a fungal infection – and he said….

“That’s what my mum thought when she saw it”


Purhaps this is more a reflection of my relationship with my mum, but there is no way I’d show her my butt rash!

OK so I have no problem really with patients of any age, bringing in a any friend or any relative for support, but from time to time, I just think….WHY?

All done – well pack your suitcase and head over to Kim’s for the new logo’d change of shift.


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6 Responses to “On my 18th I got a suitcase…”

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I agree- it is bad enough bringing a parent with them, but far,far worse having the parent explain the problem to you. And his showing his mum his bum is just so, so gross

Oh God! I stopped having my mum come into the doctors with me when I was 14/15. I just refused so made her wait outside!

& a guy in his mid 20’s showing his mum his bum rash? WHY?! 😮
So very wrong, I don’t know where to start.

I don’t even go with my daughter into the doctor’s and she is 17 – I assume she wants privacy unless she asks me to come in. And the day my son tries to show me a rash on his rear is the day I cover my eyes and tell him to go show someone who cares! : D

I’m with you on this one. The doctor used to make my mum come in with me until I was 16 after that I would never have dreamt of having her there with me I would organize my own doctors appointments if I needed any and my mother wasn’t interfering enough to want to be with me. Even aged 17 when I was in hospital I got my mum to leave while the doctors asked about smoking, drugs and sex….

are you talkin about me

Depends whether you are paranoid or not?!?!

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