Nagging – part one….

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Part one – yes there is more than one part, well nagging always does go on a bit doesn’t it! 

Nagging! Hmmm, a controversial subject.

It’s an interesting fact that about half of all male patients who present in my room, all start the consultation with the phrase: “I wouldn’t have come but my wife nagged me to.”

Now, apparently Nagging can lower the risk of heart attacks, the suggestion from the full report is that married men who are nagged by their wives are 50% less likely to develop heart problems than those who are not nagged.  I should be blogging for another 100 years at least then.

Just let me finish my blog dear…

Interesting wording that “Married men who are nagged by their wives”. What about unmarried men who are nagged by other peoples wives? 

In my mind, the research should have looked into the effects of nagging women, on the woman’s health. I swear if my wife wasn’t able to outlet her stress on me, she would have had a stroke years ago.   (Hey, if she stopped nagging, perhaps we’d have time for more than a stroke, wink wink, nudge, nudge).

The report begs the question, is it just the act of being nagged that is good for us? Or is it more to do with what we’re being nagged about. For example:

“Don’t just sit there eating donuts, take the rubbish out, hoover, and take the dog for a walk” – exercise v’s TV, obviously the exercise induced by the nagging is good for us, rather than the actual nag.


“For godsake, you’ve forgotten you pills again, I swear I’ll go mad if you don’t take them!” – taking tablets v’s not taking tablets, obviously taking the tablets is good for us, rather than the nag.

OR perhaps, it’s the run to the pub, to get away from the nagger that is keeping us healthy.

As health professionals we must be doing a good job at keeping our patients hearts healthy, nothing to do with the monitoring, prescribing, and numerous other aspects of our jobs, but more to do with the perpetual nagging…urm excuse me?….yes you reading… why have YOU got your legs crossed?

In part two I just go on some more, I mean you’ve already got the point, but will I stop? NO! Not until you really get my point, are you listening? For goodness sake, how many times must I tell you…….

I’ve just opened a new page on spooooooky goings on, it’s in its infancy, so have a read and add your comments or tales. All contributions welcome.

Also [cowgirlLetters.jpg]Change of Shift is up, with a wild west theme at MJ’s – yeeee haaaaaaw!


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3 Responses to “Nagging – part one….”

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No, I didn’t have my legs crossed, so stop nagging at me 🙂

As a retired nurse, it is still a reflex action to nag at anyone I see with their legs crossed.

Enjoy your blog, so keep up the good work!

Hmm. Nagging may lower the risk of heart attack for the nagger but will raise the blood pressure and inconvenience factor of the naggee. I know this from personal experience.

Tracy (

[…] part one I passed a comment about health professionals nagging patients.  In the world of primary care, we […]

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