Massive diabetic population

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Recently I was discussing that half of all adult could be obese by 2050, this led to Jai from NurseAussie and I having a natter on Facebook. (What do you mean you haven’t joined the Nurse Bloggers Lounge yet?)

Jai was saying that she had recently watched a documentary about global health threats.  The end of it focused on the latest threat to global health, specifically diabetes and obesity.  The projected figures for the cost of diabetes and all associated care was HUGE. 

“These patients of the future will bleed the system, and overtake it like locusts feeding off the resources outnumbering the regular sick people. The very worst part is the WHO have no real plan”.

So after this discussion that worrying Max brain got ticking….

Any second now…..he thought….

What is likely to happen? Well, the UK Government may well take the same approach they took to cigarettes : firstly big labels. 

“This Big Mac could seriously damage your health”.

Crushed to death moments later!

We did warn you!

Jai said: “You can’t make people stop eating crap food or manufacturers making it”. 

I’m not so sure – a few years ago someone might have said; “You can’t stop people smoking in a public place”….but they did!

Photo shows person in fire protective suit with flames lapping their feetExcuse me sir, you’ll get a fine!

So if the big warning on the package doesn’t work perhaps the government will decide to ban food and drink in public places.

It’ll make a visit to the pub less interesting, just a Juke box and pool table.  No drunken girls and boys. This may have a cost saving effect on the Health Service beyond initial expectations….

Never-mind the fact that we have a growing elderly population, no drunks, means no beer goggles, which ultimately means… no sex….

Thus less STI’s to treat – thus saving money. But more, much more than this…..Less babies.

Thus decreased population….

Thus less diabetics!!!  Fantastic!!! OK, so there is a down side…

End of the humans population… not so good, but cheaper on the health service.

Next week I’ll be discussing Culling humans….no not really!

Actually I’m having a week off, why not have a wee nosey around some old posts or roam through the blog roll, my latest hero is….the distractable Dr Rob, who worringly seems to be as warped in mind as I!


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4 Responses to “Massive diabetic population”

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Umm, the only difficulty I have with you there is that fewer babies meaans fewer workewrs to pay for the (non-earning) elderly’s health care, never mind state and other pensions…..

Why thank you. I was wondering, however, if you are referring to the diabetics themselves being massive or if the massiveness is in the numbers of diabetics. I suppose it could be a “massive massive diabetic population.” You see, your title is ambiguous. Was that on purpose?

I do suggest mind control to make people stop doing bad things. That would solve our problem with people making bad decisions. It is our responsibility to make wise decisions for them if they cannot make them for themselves. Isn’t it?

Well Dr Rob, Ambigous with intent!
And as for you Elaine, you really should know better than to take me seriously! Obviously the old people will have to get fitter and thinner so we can get them up the chimneys doing some cleaning!

Hi! The increasing number of diabetics is a concern. One factor not taken into account however; with greater public awarness due to better educational advise, more people than ever before are now coming forward to be screened. Thus driving the number of diabetics up. The more you screen the more you find. So is the dramatic increase in numbers due to current poor lifesytles or the fact that more are being screened. Food for thought!
Regards Peter.

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