My mouth strikes again!

Posted on November 29, 2007. Filed under: Did I say that? |

As you may know, in moments of spontaneous talking I sometimes say things that may be deemed inappropriate.  Well alas I’ve been at it again.

I recently had need to change a patients oral contraceptive from Loestrin 20 up to Loestrin 30. I explained that the increased strength may have effects aside from the desired reason for increasing it, and incorrectly joked about her “growing a beard”…

…off she went….

A few days later she was back.  Explaining that she actually had needed to shave and pluck her facial hair for several months, and was there something I could do to lessen her problem.

My observation skills were not at there best!

Phew I thought, my warped sense of humour actually prompted someone to address an embarrassing condition and feel relaxed enough to discuss it with me.

I asked her if she had a facial hair problem prior to using the contraceptive pill.  She wasn’t which started first facial hair or oral contraceptive. I actually said:

“So it was a close drawn thing”  What I very nearly said and just managed to stop myself was:

“So it was a close shave between which was first”.  Again I managed to get away from my usual foot in mouth attack.

But it isn’t just me that is effected by saying the wrong thing.

I had a patient come in 1 week post vasectomy, stating he was concerned as one of the wounds from his surgery had a “ball hanging out”.

Oh my god!  It’s supposed to be keyhole surgery.  I had vision of a gaping pus filled scrotal wound with a testicle hanging out. (Yes – my mind is so warped I can easily conjure up such images).

Thankfully what I actually saw was a neat scar, with a small area of granulated tissue – Phew what a relief!

Change of shift is up with the fantastic Dr Anonymous, who is out of favour for a few minutes as he skipped my entry!  Still it’s still a good edition, and if you are following my link, then you have probably already read my bit!!


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Thanks for the link to Change of Shift!

I also wanted to let you know that I checked my e-mail again and I did not see a link from you. I apologize for the oversight. I definitely would have included your post. 🙂

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