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Well ‘appy-new-year!

I have a little catching up to do…

Firstly my blogging buddy Peter from downunder tagged me.  Hmm…the proudest moment of my life….I am a hugely proud dad, but that’s me being proud of my kids, rather than proud of myself. So? Proud of myself….there was that precordial thump that directly there and then saved someones life. Actually it wasn’t that streight forward….

Picture the scene, a heaving emergency room, a relative yelled, I ran in, glancing at the monitor, the patient was definitely “out”. I did a precordial thump, SPACK!!!

Nothing happened, I turned into adrenaline surged super hero strengthed nurse and ripped off the string vest bringing the patient up with it, as I let go of the vest the patient fell back onto the bed with a ““…. and that was the bang that got him started!

Proud to be where I am today: happily married (mostly), nice job, good friends, still relatively sane (despite a few years that would make some of my reactive depressed patients crumble if they’d been through it). 

Generally proud chap I suppose….but could I do better….well it is a new year, so some resolutions wouldn’t be out of place….

I must…(try)…to…

1: Do more self directed studying. There is loads of stuff I don’t know, I’ve started a new blog for notes and hardly touched it. I must sit in with the diabetes team. As an emergency nurse who found himself in primary care my chronic disease management definitely needs some work.  (The problem is I should be looking in books instead of blogging)

Urg Nursing books!! Thank god I am not a student nurse anymore!

2: Get more exercise. It goes in waves. Must make a set time to do exercise and stick to it.

3: Have realistic expectations of others. (3 year olds included).

4: Not loose tapes I’ve dictated letters onto!!!!

5: Try to tolerate my mother, despite the fact she can’t tolerate her mother!

The main problem is I don’t have enough time!  Perhaps I should stop this blog!  Mind you I think I would miss it and everybody around it. So perhaps just a little less time on that retched Facebook.  I’ve got to keep this running until March, so I can have my 1st Bloggiversary.

I would like to say thanks to Elaine and my other reader(s) for there attention and wish you a happy new year.


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Happy New Year Max :o)

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