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Subtitle: Mighty Mouse, Melonman and me!!

My PhotoA little Mousie friend of mine has recently started in the Emergency department. The Emergency department is a great place to work, but as her story tells – sometimes things happen outside the department when you don’t have the team around you.

If you have read her blog, you’ll see she was one of the first on scene to a horrific car accident while off duty.  It seems that as a new member of staff in the emergency department, it was a cruel twist of fate that she should find herself there; bad luck, especially taking into account the severity of the accident and the fact she was in uniform.

Luck has a lot to do with things…

I have also been first on scene in nasty car accident, although luck was much more on my side than on Mousie’s. In fact apart from the accident not happening, things couldn’t have really been any luckier…

A nice day, a nice stretch of dual carriageway with a high fatality rate associated with it. 

Mr & Mrs M.E. Nurse (both nurses – one experience trauma nurse, one ward sister), little baby Nurse in back. The dearly beloved (TDB) Mrs Nurse was driving.  (She is a terrible back seat driver, so I let her drive mostly!)

Over taken by a speeding 4×4.

Max to TDB: “Look at that idiot – he’s got a “Children on Board” sign on his car so he thinks that entitles him to race around like a looooooony”

The 4×4 starts to swerve, looses control and hits the central reservation, does a complete roll across the road and lands on its wheels in a lay-by. (That’s lucky for a start).

Misses us by a few metres, luckily TDB was slowing before the crash, just because she does when a nutter speeds by.

TDB rings the 999 (911 for those Yankee readers) and stays with sleeping baby. Max gets adrenaline surge and jumps heroically out the car. (As Mousie said, we all dream about these moments!!!)

What follows is a little nightmare…(but only a little one). Stupid driver gets out all shook up and is shouting at everyone and generally being aggressive. Front seat passenger has fine shards of glass all over her face and small bleeds from each. Nothing bad but looks scary to the toddler and ~10yr old that were on board and are now walking about zombiefied and crying. 

Still in the back of the car is one teenager laying near the door and apparently unconscious. Driver starts to try open the mangled back door to get to her but can’t. He was a bigger chap than me by a long shot, but I have super trained adrenaline power and somehow tear open the mangled door……cooooool!

The girl comes around and the driver gets her out the back of the car, against my wishes, but I take over and support her neck. She obviously had not been wearing a seat belt and had been thrown around.

A young woman from another car is now on scene, we seem to have an instant bond. The youngest child is crying, the driver is shouting at her to stop and thus making her worse. I ask the new woman to take a look at the girl as her head is bleeding, she brings her near me and together we take a look. Pretty big cut, so she uses something as a pressure pad and cuddles the girl. The others all seem fine, but wound up.  My brilliant assistant and I talk to everyone and calm the whole situation down. Everything is in control. The driver lights a cigarette, and gets shouted at in no uncertain turns by my new friend and me to put it out.

In the distant the melodic chiming of fire engines.  My new friend turn to me and says: “You handled this well”.  I return the complement.

“So what do you do?” she asks. I answer, she smiles. I return the question.

“Oh me, I’m a Police woman!”

The ambulance arrives. I was expecting to get barged out the way. I must have been oooozing coolness and experience, as they left me where I was and let me lead the log roll. This was not my town, these were not my old buddies, never met them before.  Really quite flattered, shame about the crippling leg cramp I’d got from being stuck in the same position on the cold road!

All cleared up, I return to my car, to find my daughter awake and being amused by a fireman – good job they came then really!

The next day I ring the hospital, all were discharged the same day. Nasty accident, landed in a lay-by, the right way round, Police woman and experience emergency nurse on scene immediately… Lucky….very freaking lucky.

So my little mousie friend, experience is nice and something you will gain (already have gained and learnt from), luck however you have no control over.

You don’t become Mighty Mouse over night….

If I’d been on your scene, the tragic outcome would have been the same.

If you’d been on my scene, the lucky outcome would have been the same.

And what is this about a melon man……the 3rd car on scene contained someone a little less experienced, who really wanted to help, so he ran around the dual carriageway collecting pieces of watermelon that had been flung out of the 4×4 when it crashed.  I saw what he was doing and it put a smile on my face. I had to try not to laugh when he came up to the scene, prior to the ambulance and asked me….

“What shall I do with the bits of melon I’ve collected?”

I gave a suitable calm friendly answer….honest!


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Thanks for the kind words Max.

I’m thinking of carrying a few melons in the boot of my car at all times, just so I can be a bit more use next time!

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