Crippen you love us, part two.

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I was checking out my Bloglinesaccount today (something I tend to forget to do, what with facebook blog buddies etc..) and I spotted that Dr Crippens “NHS Blog Doctor” was up and running again (and has been since the start of Jan).  Quenching all rumours about alien abduction etcetera.

Crippens wasn’t cute – “they” bought him back.

…and what has that old Curmudgeon Crippens been writing about….yes, he has been Nurse Practitioner bashing again.  I would like to point the good reader in the direction of my last Crippens related post.  Which pretty much says it all.

Crippens is currently having a moan about a new, over marketed group practice, that is offering free gym membership when a patient registers with them…


…I agree this sounds a little bit dodgy, especially when considering the Code of Practice for Promotion of NHS servicesas flagged up by Crippens.  But it is his NP bashing which I don’t agree with….

The Melbourne Grove Medical Practice (MGMP), has a statement on its website that reads:

You don’t need to wait to see a doctor.
“Our prescribing Nurse Practitioners are highly trained and are able to deal with the vast majority of medical issues that you present us with. They are able to diagnose and prescribe medication and work closely with our GPs on any cases about which they want a second opinion. As we have a growing team of nurse practitioners, you could save you time if you want to get in and see us as quickly as possible. You don’t need to wait to see a doctor!”

And the old Curmudgeon goes off on one… 

“If your child or your grandmother is really ill, do you want them to be “assessed” by a nurse practitioner and only passed on to the doctor if the nurse practitioner deems it necessary? Is that safe? If you believe it is then I am nought but a luxury, an expensive luxury at that, and superfluous to requirements.”

Now I’m not defending the MGMP in any way, but Crippens is misquoting, and as I have said before, Nurse Practitioners are not simply triage nurses.  The MGMP statement said nothing about their NP’s simply “assessing” the patient.

An NP Assesses, Diagnosis, Plans, Implements and Evaluates the patient. (It is called the Nursing Processes and it has been about since the 1970’s).  And then his comment about “being passed on to the doctor if the Nurse Practitioner deems it necessary”.

It is called “getting advice”.  Crippens doesn’t get it. He wants to be treated as a Superior-being compared to the humble NP. He wets his bed at night worrying that NP’s are going to replace GP’s totally.  Nobody (with the exception perhaps of the cost-cutting bureaucrats), wants that.

The main thing Crippens doesn’t seem to get, is that it is called team work!!

I don’t mind being a link in the chain.  I see a patient and I either:

1: Sort them out & send them away (about 95% of the time)

– maybe even (shock horror) refer them onto secondary care.

2: Get the GP to see them.

Not that dis-similar to a GP managing their patient and either sorting them out and sending them home or referring them to a consultant. NP simply have the “luxury” of asking their GP colleagues for advice.   So in direct response to the “good” doctor: Yes, I think it is safe for NP to see the patients, Yes, you are a “luxury” (but not in the way you meant it), and No you grumpy old git, you are not superfluous to requirements!

And why would a Doctor not like working in a team? Something to hide?

  ‘arold, is that you!

 And on the subject of team work, lets all get together for a Change of Shift…


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4 Responses to “Crippen you love us, part two.”

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If you think he’s misquoting on that post, take a look at this one.

Particularly worth reading for the waves of derision that follow in the comments thread.

My new years resolution is not to join in the ‘debates’ on his blog, hopefully if I ignore him he will leave me along too. Unfortunately I can’t help but sneak a look and I have noticed that more people are questioning this whole blanket ‘quacktitioner’ bashing thing.

Great post Max

Julie and Zarathustra…I had read that post oo, but it was too pathetic to comment on. I think the flow of comments that follow it generally suggest the Dr C. Is struggling to find something to write about. Perhaps his holiday didn’t refresh him enough.

I think Jules is right that people are questioning him more. Generally he seems to think that if anyone studies any thing they are trying to become a doctor…such insecurity!

Most MDs hate the fact that we can diagnose, treat and monitor patients. God forbid we actually can write prescriptions! What’s the world going to come to!!!

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