A random week….

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If I was Doctor Anonymous I would be posting you a video this week, as I really have had very lttle time to myself. (Incidentally how can an anonymous person post a film featuring his face?)

It really has been a tough week, for one reason or another I have scaresly had time to check my emails, lets alone write much in the way of a constructive post, (they are normally sort of constructive – honest).

Tough week

However my editor is insistent that I publish once weekly, and although he is a bit of a git, I have to live with him, so it’s just a bit random this week…

Question of the week:  To Holiday or not to holiday??

Presently there is lots of talk about the change in GP hours/contracts, essentially this amounts to about an extra 3hrs work a week, to decrease the pressure on the failing out of hours service. The GP’s are stuck between a rock and a hard place on this.  NP’s could of course help to extend opening hours, (Although only if the GP’s see us as team members and not the Crippens ideal that we are evil).

This WILL hurt…say: Arrrrrggggghhh!!!

Meanwhile the parlimentary website has a petition….Any of you Brit’s fancy an extra bank holiday….sign the governments petition here…

So with one breath the government is saying – There is not enough GP’s working out of hours and in the next they are saying there isn’t enough “out of hours”.

Well, we have less bank holidays than the rest of Europe, so kick back, open a beer…  You can afford to having just increased your out of hours pay!  But have you got the time to do it??

Phone call of the week:

I had the pleasure of treating a patient with piles this week. The prescription was for Anusol Suppositories. (The guy from that marketing company was either a genius or a moron – what a name!! – Yeah, you shove up your anus ‘ole)

2 days later the patient requested that I phoned him.  Dutifully I rang up…

Female voice: “Hello”…Obviously not my patient.

Max: “Ah, Could I speak to Mr Sorranus please?”

FV: “Well he’s in the garden at the moment, he said you would ring and I was to tell you, he is much better, and should he stop using the suppositories now?”

Max: Laughs….”It’s a good job I am who you were expecting, and not just trying to sell you double glazing”.

And this prompts a joke in my mind….I don’t normally do jokes, but it is a random week after all….

Joke of the week…

A nun is naked in the shower, there is a knock at the door, and a man shouts: “Can I come in?”

The nun panics…. “Well who is it?”

“It’s the blind man” replies the manly voice.

“Well in that case, I suppose so” answers the nun.

So the guy comes in and says…

“Nice tits love, now where do you want these blinds?!!”

 Sorry, no more jokes I promise…


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Ah well, I guess the thing with Anusol is, you’ll never be in any confusion as to where it’s supposed to go.

Yeah I suppose you are right. But have you ever tried to swallow an Anusol Suppository!

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