Calm before the storm…

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It really is the calm before the storm….both metaphorically and meteorologically. Taking the latter first – they are talking of a White Easter! I’ll believe it when I see it. 

Metaphorically it’s that time of year, where tourist towns (and the GP surgeries within), have a real feeling of  calm.

Everyone has a sudden urge to clean their stethoscopes for the first time, polish the proctoscope, irradicate ear wax for the ear pieces and just look at the dust behind my monitor…

Meanwhile all the locals who work in the tourist industry are trying to enjoy their time in Majorca, as they know that soon it will be time to come home, soon they will realise their business has made it through another difficult winter. 

So currently there are very few tourists, and quite a lot of the locals are sunning themselves in foreign climates. Consequently the surgery is fairly calm.  Even a few empty appointment slots. The new Registrar is getting used to his role and thinking he has landed on his feet in this relaxed little sea side town…..has anyone warned him?  Any day now things will change.

Round here we don’t listen for the first cuckoo, or look skyward to see the first swallow to know it is spring. Other things happen…

What’s in the sky? Spit or Swallow?

With the Easter holidays the tourist season begins….the signs of spring around here are different…..

Metho the clown takes his first bath of the year and tries to detox. 

 Krusty the ClownHis alcohol induced jaundice saves him a fortune on face paint, but the over whelming pong of stale alcohol and cigarettes makes parents not so keen to book him…so detox is essential.

The hoteliers all arrive in the surgery, showing off foreign infected insect bites, blistered sun burn and telling tales of holiday doctors who “didn’t speak one bit of English” (why should they, they were in Spain) and gave them tablets, “I’m not sure what they were called or what they were for, but could I have some more?”

And then the coaches of holiday makers arrive… more “I’ve forgotten my tablets, yes dear, the little white ones for my chest I think”

Oh yes,

Ready for your coil fitting?

Spring is nearly here.

If the storm hits, and I can’t get to write next week, you’ll have to amuse yourself with the fantastic Kim and her Change of Shift, and gem as always!


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