I’m going to have to quit!

Posted on March 26, 2008. Filed under: Apply topically |

Two items in the news this week have caught my attention….

Firstly the news that yawning is a sign that you are tired (no….really?), and that the government is spending money to remind drivers that if you start yawning you should pull over and take a break.

Dr Neil Stanley, a sleep expert from the Clinical Trials and Research Unit at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, said:

“Yawning quite simply means you’re on the roadto falling asleep – so if you’re yawning behind the wheel it really is time to pull over.” (Hmmm, Dr Stanley’s example of researchers humour.)

Well alas I shall have to quit my job, I’ll never manage to get to work on time if I pull over for a rest every-time I yawn.  I’ll have to find some way of entertaining myself as I drive through the countryside to work…perhaps I should count sheep!

Doesn’t work anyway…

My obvious tiredness is likely to make me irritable and angry….but what to do….

That brings me to the second item…

People who cannot control their anger have nowhere to turn leading to family breakdown, sickness and mental health problems, a charity has warned.

Anger management in Primary care is a bit of a nightmare. I have had several patients requesting anger management. There really seems very little services available to these patients. Mental Health trust, which appear grossly under resourced, state they can help for the related depression and anxiety, but have no facilities that actually focus on anger management.

So what do we do….well perhaps we need to address the underlying issues.  Simon Usbourne and Tim Walker identify there is lots to be angry about. Including road rage….perhaps next time I get stuck behind a tractor I should just take a deep breath, yawn, pull over and have a rest.

If as a consequence of this I never got to work, I would get stressed by it – problem solved!



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2 Responses to “I’m going to have to quit!”

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I love your humor! On yawning–I find myself
yawning a lot during change-of-shift report.
But I thought it was from stress relief rather
than being tired. On anger management–I also
am unaware of any programs offered to patients.
However, I’ve had several jobs that offered
this through their employee assistance
programs. Keep up the good work!

LOL how funny..but on a more serious note. My job requires that we do D/N rotation (4-5 nites in a 6week period). My girlfriend totalled her car when she feel asleep while driving home after one of these mandatory nite shifts. Of course her other 2 shifts were days, and these were scheduled back-back! This just happened last Thursday.

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