Do you believe?

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A hectic week….My predictions we’re right.  It just got busy…

Normally when it gets busy, I have plenty of “material” to write about.  However this week it has been so bloody hectic, I could scarcely write patient notes, let alone sketch a few things down to blog about, and with a memory the size of a dust mites left testicle I promptly can’t remember much of what’s happened apart from to say it was busy.

A few things stick out (oo-eer).  The clocks sprang forwards into spring, and the signs of spring arrived as predicted:  “I’ve come on holiday and forgotten my pills, love”.

One of our respiratory patients came in today as his chest was “playing up”. I examined him and then he asked me a deep and spiritual question…. “Do I believe in……”

….wait for it……

did he say:

a: Fairies;

b: God;

c: Life after death;

d: sex after marriage;

e: None of the above….

Yep….answer E.

“Do you believe in dust mites?”.

When I assured him they did exist, and yes they could be worsening his respiratory condition, he asked a further theological question….

“Where do they come from?”

So did I answered….

a: “Dust”

b: “God gave us all the little creatures to create a colossal universe and unique ecosystem”.

c: “The devil created them, so that bad people who ask silly question suffer by wheezing on the debris of the dust mites faeces.  You therefore must be evil, and you don’t need my help, ring the priest so you can be exorcised”. (Do fat people need to be exorcised or exercised?)

d: Answer in a true philosophical/political way, and merely add another question….eg: “Where do any of us come from?”

OK I confess, I opted for answer “d”, which seemed to satisfy his curiosity.

In the news this week….

Apparently the size of you beer belly is proportionate to the risk of you suffering dementia.

Apparently incidence of dementia increase steadily with the amount of belly fat those with the most belly fat are over two and half times more likely to develop dementia that those carrying the least body fat.

Now that’s all very interesting….but is it news? After all it is called a beer belly. Drink enough beer and I can quite quickly become demented.

On that note I’d like to say: ” I f***kin’ lurve ya, yer me best mate, I love yer ser much -wuheeeeeeerrrrggg!!!”  

Footnote: My blog spell check doesn’t recognise the word “blog”!!!


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Hi, please contact me if you want to exchange link. Thanks – Jay of

Love the dustmite picture – it should go down a storm in my science lesson! Can’t wait to tell them how many of these they have in their beds!

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