Huey Prescott and the News. The Power of Lunch.

Posted on April 24, 2008. Filed under: Apply topically |

In the news this week…broke the amazing story of two jag’s, secretary shagging, member of the public punching ex- deputy prime minister John Prescott’s eating disorder.

Flippin’ fried food.

Mr Prescott states: “With my weight, people wouldn’t suspect it. I wasn’t a very successful bulimic, in that my weight didn’t really drop.”

My only thoughts on the issue are this….

Aren’t you supposed to make yourself sick after you binge eat?  Is it just me, or does John Prescott’s racing snake physique make you think he forgot to stick his fingers down his throat?

Bulimia is a serious complaint, and I am not making light of it (well, only at JP expense).  I just hope this isn’t all just a publicity drive to sell his new book.. (ooops, wrong link…if you are really interested it’s this one…)

Public service bit….if you need help with Bulimia click here.

My own eating disorder is in peril this week….as news break that Food Colourings are to be phased out.

oooh, pretty colours….gimme, gimme, gimme.

The colourings involved are sunset yellow (E110), quinoline yellow (E104), carmoisine (E122), allura red (E129) , tartrazine (E102) and ponceau 4R (E124).

Does this mean I’ll have to hang around in dark street corners to get my fix of E’s?

Other consequences exist, those nice coloured medicines that you get for you cough will not look so pretty anymore.   I’m sure half the effect of over the counter cough mixtures is as a side effect of the colourings.

“OK so I have the ‘flu’ but I want to run around and shout now I’ve had my medicine”.

Before Medication…After Medication….

Still perhaps a few patients will stop wasting their money on “cough syrup” (and anyway shouldn’t that be anti-cough syrup?)



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