Smoking clashes!

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In the last week news broke about something that happened in 1956….Surely that is an oxymoron.

Oxymoron – a moron who breathes oxygen! (Incidentally does undefinable have a definition??)

On the subjects of Moron’s more about this old news which is new, yet old…  In 1956 Harold Macmillan (who later became Prime minister), and the cabinet were given information identifying the health risks of smoking… Macmillan however was worried about the effects the warning might have on the UK government’s tax revenues!!!!  So health risks were down played!

Money verses Health??

This clashes with a government report published this week which states that “Smoking related disease kills 87,000 people a year, the equivalent to the entire population of a major city such as Durham.”  Smoking is the biggest killer in England.  Don’t even ask how much health spending could have been saved if the health risks were identified by Macmillan earlier, or perhaps it still works out more profitable to tax people for smoking and pay the NHS to deal with the effects!

Also in the report we learn that more than 200,000 children and teenagers under the age of 16 take up smoking every year, well surely the government doesn’t want to stop this practice. I mean it is difficult to get under 16’s to pay tax on anything else…(except alcohol of course – don’t get me started on that one.)

But apparently the government report does want to cut the amount of teen smokers by….and I love this bit… increased pack sizes!!! 

Get that in you handbag without mum spotting it!

Actually the theory is that larger pack sizes might prevent teenagers being able to afford them.  WAIT!!! These are teenagers we are talking about. The second most efficient money grabbing parasites on the planet, second only to the Tax man himself.  “A fiver from mum, a fiver from dad, a fiver from granny, and £10 from step dad so he looks better than dad, sell little brothers ipod on Ebay, and choose five friends to share a packet of ciggies with and we’ve got enough cigarettes for the month and change for some cider too!”

If there is more cigarettes in a packet, this surely means that the teenager has to go to the shop less, thus decreasing the chances of getting caught!

Come on that’s a rubbish idea…any others???

Well actually yes…

Oh go on then…

Vending machines that require proof of age might help prevent young people starting to smoke, according to the new government proposals.

Give me a break…it’s a machine, teenager can fool the average shop keeper, I’m not sure how Robo-shop is going to police it any better, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and wait to see the technology before I criticise it, and other ideas….

Ooooh, oooooh, I’ve got one…how about removing branding and logos from tobacco packaging, well Public Health minister Dawn Primarolo said: “If banning brightly coloured packets…helps save lives, then that is what we should do”.

Do you want a cigarette???

 Yeah, but no, but yeah. The box is like so dull and it clashes wiv me top, but the craving is driving me mad…No actually I’m gonna quit, coz the box is like well dull.

Hmmm, not convinced by that strategy either.

Anyway I’ve got to go now, I have to read my guide on when I can let my three year old start drinking.


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Ok Max, Is this better!!! BTW LOVE THIS BLOG!!!! It is hysterical!!!!!! LOve the Valley-UK-Girl, She is amazing! To comment tho on your post; it does seem silly to increase pack size, thus making purchasing cigs more expensive, I have two teen girls, and they have more money than I do! UHHHHH not a solution! I do think the whole packaging change may work with todays fashion conscious teen, perhaps if they make it look real nerdy then teens wouldn’t purchase them. Let me see…….well my daughters HATE HANNAH MONTANA they should put that on some cig packages, and for the boys……….oh I know…..(at least in the States) Richard Simmons (the afro-short-short exercise guy)! There isn’t a teen around that would purchase cigarettes then!

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