NHS 60th Birthday…

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OK it’s a one off. When I started writing this it was going to be a giggle.  Comparing the 60 year old NHS to any other 60 year old.  But I apologise it became a bit of a soap box…SORRY!!!

Am I being Bold??

Imagine it’s 1948…and you’re reading the Lancet (no not online you numpty!!)

And there is Aneurin Bevan. The Lancet, 1948 :

On 5 July we start together, the new National Health Service. It has not had an altogether trouble-free gestation. (Start as you mean to go on)  There have been understandable anxieties, inevitable in so great and novel an undertaking (“Undertaking” – done by an Undertaker??? – Not sure that should be mentioned in the introduction to a health service!!) Nor will there be overnight any miraculous removal of our more serious shortages of nurses and others (One day we’ll have enough staff…right!?!?!?!)  and of modern replanned buildings and equipment. But the sooner we start, the sooner we can try to see these things and to secure the improvements we all want. My job is to give you all the facilities, resources and help I can, and then to leave you alone as professional men and women to use your skills and judgement without hindrance. Let us try to develop that partnership from now on.’

6O years on and Gordon Brown is now just considering making things clinican led again, having just filled the last decade with government targets, QOF and the like!

At 60 I’ll have spent many years working, trying to meet various targets, follow guidelines and learning everything I need to do my job (I might actually know what I’m doing by the time I retire!). At 60 can we please let the NHS be the same.  Let her retire from the task driven government target led work place and enjoy an independent old age, doing what she knows about best, looking after patient and caring for their actual needs rather than hoop jumping, tick box assessments that simply make the government look good staistically, but don’t really give quality to patient care.

Wow! I feel better for that.  It’s like have a big bowel movement and getting a load of crap out!  (Not dissimilar to this blog in general (thought I’d say what you were thinking!. I’m big enough to take criticism.  I’m tough, I don’t just smell strong!))

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NHS!!!!  Sometimes it all seems a bit bleak, the politicians stick there oar in, the media moan about it, and grumpy patients send letters to the papers (those content rarely do).  But 24hours a day, 7 days a week, come hell or high water, there she is ready at a split seconds notice to save lives, make people more comfortable, manage everything from slight aches to chronic agony, bring babies safely into the world and much more besides.  She’s not a machine, she is about 970,000 people, including 33,647 consultants and 376,767 nurses and midwives.  Bringing in life and giving dignity to those ending.   So I say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and a big thank you to her.  I say that as someone who has experience on both sides,  as someone who has experienced extremely difficult times from the public side and felt the support and professionalism of the NHS.  Here’s to the next 60.



Elsewhere sad news: She may not be 60 but ER Nursey has decided it is time to Blog retire, obviously she shall be missed.  Good luck and I hope the withdrawal isn’t too severe.


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60 is better than living on Lipitor for two previos strokes tiss i will be 60 on the 27th of august and taking family and friends on a cruise of erie canal to celebrate

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