and now for the news…

Posted on July 24, 2008. Filed under: Apply topically |

As I was doing my occasional trawl through the medical news…

  I found this article about a new treatment patch to immunise against and decrease the duration of travellers diarrhoea caused by that retched E. Coli. 

So basically…it’s an adhesive patch that can reduce or prevent diarrhoea…  Sounds a bit like putting a plaster on a oozing wound….  Now you know I’m only joking, a patch to prevent e-coli is great and yes I really do understand that it isn’t a constipating adhesive!  But patch therapy of any kind makes me a tad nervous.

HRT patches for example…I have visions of a menopausal woman, using patches successfully and then suddenly starting to get flushes again.  The next thing she knows her husband is getting a bit stroppy and moaning that women “just don’t understand what it’s like for a man”.  Only to realise that her patch is stuck to his butt!

…and as for those nicotine patches – I just can’t get them to light!

Also in my trawl through I found this dumb ass article…

Researchers found that adolescents who made pledges to remain virgins until they are married were less likely to be sexually active over the three-year study period than other youth who were similar to them, but who did not make a virginity pledge, according to the study published on-line by the Journal of Adolescent Health.

OK. Let’s take this nice a slow…Someone did research, that basically says…people that vow not to have sex, don’t have sex…in comparison with those that don’t vow not to have sex….   This is a bit like researching whether monks have less sex that prostitutes!!

“Friar Tuck” or “Try a ….”

Will their next research project assess whether smokers smoke more than non smokers!?!

…And finally more useful research…Soya may be harming fertility…so bearing in mind that the Chinesse have a soya rich diet, how come they have the biggest and fastest increasing population on the planet?  Just a thought.


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You couldn’t make that stuff up really.

I particularly liked the quip *…and as for those nicotine patches – I just can’t get them to light!* Arf! Arf!

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