I am no poet…at least I know it!

Posted on August 14, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I haven’t much to tell, which reminds me of the day

My mother said “if you have nothing clever to say.

Say Nothing”.  She sometimes could be a bit that way!


So Max is still here, although perhaps just a little faint.

I still have tales to tell, and many of them quaint.

The weather here is terrible, the rain has been pouring,

It’s made many brains show more than a little flawing.

The effect of the dampness is not endearing.

A patient last week reported having “Blurred hearing”

Another worried about a “Barrow meal”, surely he meant barium,

Apparently the prospect was quite a scary ‘un.

But alas it is not just the patients suffering from this.

When I reported that my patient had “Arthrio-ostritis!”


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4 Responses to “I am no poet…at least I know it!”

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He-hee! Very good! I’m struggling to post, must admit – a first for me as I usually have far too much to say for myself. I wouldn’t mind if I could rhyme about it!

You’ve got rain, we have hurricanes and tropical “depressions”…that keeps “em in their caves until the weather clears.
Hey, those Brits can run with the best of them. Your London mayor needs a fashion consultant though…:). I enjoyed the bus routine, though I didn’t have a clue who the girl was.

I think you are in the summer blahs, Max.
I got a new job since I last contacted you…I am now in my 10th year of cardiology as an NP. I thought I heard it all…I see lots of of post MI patients, (duh). Though I enjoyed this fella in his 40’s a bunch. He had been having symptoms while riding his bike to his job at the local botanical garden…he ended up having an urgent stent placement to his LAD. At his 2 week post hospital visit we went through all of the typical questions when his wife took over. “I have to ask you this because I know he will never ask…”. So, I was prepared for the big SEX question by the Mrs. ” How come it only takes a six pack to get him drunk now, when it always took a 12 pack to get him drunk? I’ve been with him for years, and this is a big change! ” I blah blahed about a potential drug interaction, but I admitted I really didn’t have a clue, but it was sure interesting.
Then my final advice to him after I begged him to quit smoking of course… keep your job, be nice to everyone at the botanical garden, be nice to your boss and don’t lose your insurance! I know he already had lost his drivers liscense. But, here in the USA, it is necessary to have medical insurance especially when you are with an aborted MI in your 40s. I still chuckle when I think about that sweet couple.
I could have used you that day. 🙂

Just wondering Midlifer…if his circulation was improved due to his stent and maybe drugs, would this increase the circulation of alcohol and thus make it “more effective”??? You’re the cardiac NP – it was just a thought! Thanks as always for your comments.

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