Un-nervingly quiet….

Posted on September 10, 2008. Filed under: Journal from behind the desk... |

It freaks me out when this happens….

Empty appointment slots…Not just one or two, but 10’s and 20’s.

Just the tumbleweed blowing through the surgery.

Thankfully it isn’t just me, my colleagues are also peaceful. (Otherwise I’d get a little paranoid and think the rumours were out about me writing sarcastic comments about my patients on the internet!!)

I don’t get bored. There is always things I can read, write or just fiddle with to entertain me (don’t be smutty)… but I do get anxious.

Anxious that there is always a calm before the storm.  So I take the opportunity to tidy, stock and generally be ready for the impending disaster about to hit the surgery. The next big outbreak.

When I used to work the Emergency department, on the odd opportunity it was a little empty…

…we used to play cricket with a leg splint for a bat, and a rubber glove stuffed with paper towels for a ball!  Or we’d be particularly evil and prepare the department for the early shift with a fake busy department. Mr T. D. Bear in cubicle one with nebuliser running, Resus Doll in two with the buzzer ringing etcetera. So as the early staff came in, one of the night staff would sprint passed with the defib.   Oooh, how you could see their fresh little faces crumble, their already battered morale take that final plunge.  But we did it with love and affection.

Oh how terrible for you…bye…

The incoming early staff were always easy targets for night staff pranks.  My personal favourite was to put diluted orange juice in urine pot, then let them watch as I did a pregnancy test, say “no she’s not pregnant, but I think she has diabetes” sniff the bottle and then take a big swig out of it, before saying “Hmmm, yep Diabetic”.  Ohh, how the used to gag on their freshly digested cornflakes.

I digress…As I have mentioned in the past I work in an area where tourism is big business. I think it is a little on the quiet side as most of the tourists have gone home, and the people who have spent the summer working their butts off to entertain and accomodate the tourists have themselves gone on holiday.  The few holiday makers that come in confirm this, as they are owners of Bed and Breakfast’s in other tourism areas and have come here to have a holiday themselves!  So I think we have just swapped our tourism staff, for Bogner Regis tourism staff.

But don’t panic…doom and gloom is just around the corner. It always is…

So I’m off to stock up the blue lidded sample bottle with those cute little plastic spades for the next bout of diarrhoea and vomiting. Clean my stethescope and stock up on tongue depressors for the next bout of colds…(“No! It’s the flu!!”).  Get some new reward stickers for the next chicken pox outbreak and stock up on K-Y jelly for…..well, hopefully someone else to use!!


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