OK it’s my own fault…

Posted on September 18, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I should know better but last week I said it was “Quiet”.

I’ve worked in health care long enough to know that this means there will be an impending disaster.  In the Emergency Department, staff would be disciplined for even using the Q word. The use of this word or similar normally meant that the “hot phone” was about to ring, (and no it wasn’t “The banker”)

If a butterfly flaps it’s wings in China the repercussion will be a tornado somewhere else in the world. (Trust me Emergency nurses know all about Chaos theory…)

Whereas if a Nurse says the Q word in hospital the subsequent repercussions will include a multi-car pile up and 5 cardiac arrests before the next shift starts.

So yes…I should know better, I’ve even discussed the topic before in P=Q-D/C/BM (and you thought chaos theory was confusing).

Anyhow the short and curlies of it are this…it’s been busy, I’ve got myself paperwork and chores and precious little time to do much else….alas here endeth the blog for this week….but if you want a giggle and some education I particularly liked this post from Rob this week…so if you are quie…..not too busy, have a read…

or nose through the archives…how about “Do no Harm!”



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