Busman’s Holiday?

Posted on October 9, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

You know it’s time to have a break from work when your 3 year old hurts her ankle and says she got a sore lateral malleolus…

So we decided to go away, I thought this week I’d stay away from any physiology and anatomy and tell you about my holiday instead…

We decided to go abroad, and with airport parking so expensive we decided to get to the airport by train.  My daughter was keen to go on the underground, so we went on the Eustachian Tube then somehow connected with the Fallopian Tube and finally Central Line to Standstill airport.

The London airports are named after the villages they have ruined, rather than other airport which are named after famous people like John Lennon airport in Liverpool, or the John F Kidney airport.  Airports make me nervous…it’s all to do with the use of the word “Terminal”…as in…not going to live.

The flight was smooth, with Wallace and Grommet as the in-flight film. We arrived on our Mediterranean island hopping holiday.  We were spending the first half on the larger island of Labium Majus, and then going on a Crus to Labium minus.  My wife was sure if we spent enough time on the island we were bound to find the right spot eventually.  We bought an atlas and a tourist guide that had an in- depth appendix

One day we took a day trip to the isle of langerhans and had a gland day out.  They had an activity centre there were we took a Artery course.

Whilst away we tried several of the local dishes, such that lovely filled pasta – alveoli and that lovely Spanish fish and rice dish – patella, and drank some lots of wine, including a superior vena cava, much better than the inferior cava in the supermarket! I orta try that again.

Mostly it was a lovely holiday, the only complaint was at the first hotel was noisy as there were some building works going on, and they started early every morning, I was told not to complain about it as the builders had a mental foramen in charge, and I didn’t want to get on the wrong side of him.

We had a nice relaxing holiday, perhaps next year we’ll go through the carpal tunnel to France.


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3 Responses to “Busman’s Holiday?”

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Very cleverly done. Unfortunately I cannot match the wit in my comment.

[…]   Max E Nurse from It Shouldn’t Happen In Health Care thinks that he might be working too hard. He decided it was time to go on a family vacation when his three year old daughter started talking like a nurse. Read about a busman’s holiday. […]

Why, I orta clobber the guy that uses so many puns. And I’ll pass on the pasta alveoli, thanks.

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