Good service…but no free paper…

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This is a bit of a follow up…back in the deep dark archives of this blog, I told of my grandad and his total knee replacement which he had completed privately.  Well this is a bit of an update. Since then he has had nothing but trouble with his “private” knee, and so ended up requiring further intervention. Apparently (and I’m not very “ortho minded”) a total knee replacement doesn’t actually replace the total knee… as they used his knee cap, which is apparently what has been causing all the trouble.

So his GP referred him to the National Health Service orthopods.

Anthropodic surgeon?

Grandad (quite quickly) was seen by exactly the same surgeon he saw privately, who said they needed to give him a new knee cap.  He then had a speedy date for his op and last week went in for his second bout of knee surgery.

He didn’t pay £10, 000, he didn’t get his own room, he didn’t get a “free” newspaper. So I was waiting for his NHS bashing comments on discharge…

He didn’t…

He did get discharged…it’s not like I’m typing this in a black suit wondering what I am going to do with my grandma now!  But he DID NOT moan about his hospital stay…

He got 8 hours sleep per night, he said the food was nice (which for my grandad usually means there was plenty of it), he said the staff were friendly and helpful, he shared a bay with 3 other gents who he could spy upon and relay the stories to Grandma, he doesn’t appear to have MRSA.  He is happy with his care.

OK so it isn’t a very interesting blog article, and it wouldn’t be a very good story for the press to grab and run with…but it damn well needs saying!!!!

So if you are a friendly NHS worker, I take it upon myself to say thank you from every single patient that didn’t complain!  Well done…Keep up the good work…

While we’re talking about my grandparents, I thought I’d share this little story with you…Years ago my grandparents, not wanting to burden the next generations with the issue, decided to buy two plots at the cemetery for “when the time comes…” Cheery.

Recently they have decided that no one much would come to their grave, so decided they’d ask the council for their money back… 

“I’ve changed my mind…have you got anything roomier???”

The council (not too surprisingly) had never had this request before, so looked into it and decided to pay my grandparents the current price…

Oh yes….my grandparents made a profit on their own grave and lived to enjoy the money!!  Shucks they makes me proud!!


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Oh, good for them.

Bet they saddle you with the funeral costs, too!

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