Why Adults are better than kids….

Posted on February 11, 2009. Filed under: Benign |

Ladles and Jellyspoons…. I’ve been nagging, pestering and finally dragged out a guest writer…please allow me to introduce the curly haired Practice Nurse Extraordinaire that is….Nurse Rosie.

OK!  So I’ve just finished reading Max’s last post, and normally I agree with every word that flows from his laptop, however….

Have you lost your mind Maxter?? (Urm hello!  I work for the health service…)

Adults are soooo much easier to look after than kids, and not just at home either!  (Rosie’s obviously not met my wife!)

For example, when was the last time you saw an adult with a Go-Go Crazy Bones figure jammed up his nose, for the second time….

(Although I did once syringe the ears of a lady with bilateral garlic cloves in her ears, she’d been told it would cure her tinnitus…..they’d been in there a fortnight, I’ll leave the smell to your imagination…)

When was the last time an adult give you a bloody good kick on the shin for administering a travel vaccine, for a holiday his parents had booked?!

Children come in to my room in ‘hunter-gatherer mode’, anything not nailed down or padlocked shut is apparently fair game. Last week after I’d run out of ‘You’ve been brave’ stickers, sugar free Chupa-Chups, Oh and all the little penguins the nice rep left me for insulin starts, one charming little brat made off with a portion plate and a pedometer…….mind you, his mother might have got some use out of them!

Adults tend to leave the waiting room as they found it, not scattered with a Krypton Factor style maze for our less well sighted members to navigate through, much to the amusement of the ones still waiting….ahem…..

Well I think I’ve made my point, but I’ll be honest with you Max, it wasn’t easy, all the way through this I’ve found myself thinking of lots more incidences why kids are so much easier, funnier and braver than the most adults, maybe you haven’t lost your mind, maybe you just caught some of that dementia from your four year old!

Big thanks to Rosie….It’s put me right off garlic…Apparently Rosie enjoyed it…so maybe we can expect more?!?!  …and as always I look forward to anyone elses imput and posts.


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7 Responses to “Why Adults are better than kids….”

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I think you might have forgotten about the many and varied items found inserted into any and every orifice by supposed adults!

trying my best to forget! Thats one of the reasons I work in primary, rather than secondary care, hehe!


Those aren’t good reasons. WhY about older kids like 13 of 14 year olds who still get treated like they are scum? Maybe you should back up your option with facts from a variety of kids.

Oh Libby chill. It’s only a bit of fun.

I am eleven years old, and I think is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE. Children are just as good as adults, and it’s about time someone starts treating us like it.

Honey, thanks for reading… It is a not a serious website, it’s all in fun. We all love kids really….just couldn’t eat a whole one.

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