Just keep on running???

Posted on March 12, 2009. Filed under: Apply topically |

That’s it I quit….I started running at the end of last year, and have been doing so every week since. (I come home at the end of each run, otherwise I’d be nearing Scotland!!)


Why do I run? (apart from to get away from my lovely wife??)  Exercise… I thought it was good for me.  Now they change their minds about whether drinking red wine will keep us alive longer or kill us quicker. But exercise?  Surely that’s a fixed certainty. The more exercise you get, the longer you live…right??

The BMJ have published research at the end of last week saying exercises is good for us (no surprises…right?)

It concludes that: “Increased physical activity in middle age is eventually* followed by a reduction in mortality to the same level as seen among men with constantly high physical activity. This reduction is comparable with that associated with smoking cessation”.

*Eventually is apparently 5 – 10 years after starting exercising.

I’m now in my (early to) mid 30’s and run at least once a week. This surely increases my chances of osteoarthritic knees and need for knee replacements. (or should that be “kneed for a nee replacement”?)

Right! That IS IT…I’m going to stop running for 10 years, decrease my likelihood for osteoarthritis and start running when I’m in my mid 40’s, by which time I’ll have long enough to avoid heart disease in my 50’s.   Better still I’m going to stop running and take up smoking, then when I reach my mid 40’s stop smoking and run.   That makes good sense right??

The down side is of course, if I stop running…they may eventually catch me!!


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