Tree! Mend us!

Posted on April 16, 2009. Filed under: Apply topically, Foreign Bodies |

A fantastic story in this weeks news about a 28 year old Russian man called Artyom Sidorkin.  Who presented to Doctors with chest pains, he was sent for X-ray.   The X-ray showed a large shadow and Doctors told Mr Sidorkin that they feared he had lung cancer.

Presumably with a previously healthy young man with a lung shadow, they wasted no time taking him to surgery, on opening him up they found…he didn’t have cancer. So what was causing the shadow??? A 5cm fir tree! I’m not teasing!  It’s in the papers and the news.

Watch carefully I’ll be asking questions afterwards.

 OK so you’ve seen the report, here are your questions…. 

1: How many people where required to remove the small fir tree??

One?  Two? or Tree fellers?

2:  Did they get the thoracic surgeon to operate, or did they call a tree surgeon?

3: If it had grown bigger would they have to tear him limb from limb or just operate on his trunk?

Enough puns questions, I’ll leaf it there for today!

…and now for something completely different….for anyone who’s ever loved a doctor!  (I’ve only ever dated a Doctor’s daughter…trivial but no punch line!!)



I tried to put Julie Andrews in here, but it wouldn’t let me imbed her (oo-er) so you’ll have to settle for the rather wacky Janet Klein (I’ll be returning her to Nurse Ratcheds care).

 Toodle pip!!


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