Pigs might flu?!?

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Well I don’t think on this occasion I need to post a news link to the story I’m discussing… Swine flu!  (unless you have been cave dwelling of course).

Swine fever has hit!  Yes, I said Swine fever and not swine flu. It’s not the illness that amuses me, it’s the media hype and general “excitement” surrounding it!

The news has been nicely winding the public into a frenzied state.  The ITN news this week was highlighting countries that had been affected. Even if there was only one case the whole country turned red in their exciting graphics, until it looked like all of the America’s were about to loose their whole population, 1/2 of Europe had been wiped out and of course Scotland!

Then the presenter (in the same…”oh my god you’re all going to die…but I’ll be OK because I’m a celebrity” voice) showed a graphic of the WHO alert moving from 3 to 4, as if it was happening at the very moment he talked about it, suggesting things are getting worse by the second.

FOR GOD SAKE!!!! Everybody relax.  Yes some people may die from it…like they do every year from influenza’s, but most people may get a bit of a headache and feel crap for a few days. The government are concerned as we are in a recession and if a pandemic hits hard it will increase health spending and damage infrastructure – i.e lorry drivers, supermarket staff and public sector workers will be temporarily in short supply due to them having a few sickies, which will be an inconvenience and cause stress.

It’s as simple as that….unless you want to hear my conspiracy theories…

You do?

Are you sure??

OK then….

Every generation has to do something to polish off a chunk of the population to stop over crowding.  A world war usually does the trick. Old Bush n’ Blair tried to get a headcount going by irritating the Middle East, but the population wasn’t culled enough. So they put a plan together…

They set the cogs in motion and ensured they were both out of power when it set in.  Just 3 month’s after Bush ducks out of the White House it all kicks off! 

This strain of Swine flu is a combination of 4 other flu viruses….  How did they get together?  Flubook? Met at a party?  Much more likely they were  mixed in a secret lab somewhere!

Bush ensured it all kicked off in Mexico, hopeful that the poor Mexican’s will perish and the American’s can move in. Let’s face it they are running out of space to build MacDonalds over there!

Don’t believe me??  Who do you trust more? Bush or Max???

OK I just made that up…good fun though.  The whole Swine flu thing is just a hoax to get people to stop focusing on the current financial mess and get the reporters to focus on something else.

It’s obvious really. Swines…AKA “pigs”

Flu as in “Flew”, past tense of “to fly” 

… “Pigs might fly” expression suggesting that something’ll never happen.

If pigs fly will the price of Bacon go up???

Oh! How I’ll look back on this next month and laugh…in my side room between doses of my antiviral medication…

…and if you want to get hooked and find the latest cases look here… thanks to the Twittering Jacob Spencer for this!!


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4 Responses to “Pigs might flu?!?”

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I agree that it’s being blown out of proportion. The flu is nature’s way of cleaning house every so often. Just like you said, some will die. It’s an unfortunate fact of life.

Great post. I, too, am a conspiracy theorist when it comes to this “stuff”. I sold vaccines for 7 years – had to get out of it as it was a contributor to what you write about above. I still work with nurses, but in a different capacity. Love all of you – it’s what makes my job amazing. Keep up the great work.

HA HA HA — I really needed that. Especially the “flubook” part. God bless YOUR funny heart.

Also agree with the comments regarding the fact that its being blow out of proportion. If someone normally gets a standard flu or clod no one really cares that much. But now when someone gets swine flu a shiver goes down my spine and keep away.

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