Catchy uppy!

Posted on June 3, 2009. Filed under: Apply topically, Benign |

Whoa….someone stop the ride….

I’ve been hellishly busy of recent, and I am just typing up a quickie!  So where have I been…here and there is the answer, meeting, greeting and patient bleatings, but for the most part I’ve been bringing in the cash for the surgery by meeting government targets.  I was given two weeks to do a years work that someone forgot about until the last minute and then went ” Quick get Max to sort it…”  and actually I feel I did quite well!  Maybe I should sign up for next years Apprentice.

So what have I missed the opportunity to blog about during this time.

Well Swine flu cases have increased, but the media has lost interest, mostly due to another pig related story….

or perhaps it is just that Swine flu is less of a concern since the release of…….

But due to my lack of time to blog, I’ve finally given up the resistance to Twittering!  So just in case anyone was worried I had dropped off the planet or finally given up blogging, I can pop in and post a few words up in the top right corner and keep everything a little fresh!

Right off I go…people to see, places to go, illness to diagnose, paper work to do, courses to study, phone calls to make, emails to respond to that I’ve ignored for the past fortnight…hmmmmm, perhaps I should get a job as a nurse or something rather that an office worker…oh hang on, my mistake, I AM A NURSE!!


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