It all ad’s up…

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There must be an absolute heap of money in advertising, I did consider it once for the blog, but really couldn’t be bothered for the few quid I might make, but when it comes to big drug companies they spend a fortune and can afford to, because presumably it pays off.

I find a nights TV watching can really aggravate me if the adverts in-between my favourite programs (“How to Murder someone and get away with it”…or “CSI” as some people call it) are for medications (and I know day time TV is worse, but thankfully I have a job!)

It’s all the “…the best thing for …(insert any common illness)… without a prescription” crap that gets on my nerves, whether it is hydrogen peroxide, AKA bleach for ears… (please don’t use it) or expensive cough mixture that just equates to honey, glycerin and lemon, but costs a fortune. (Make your own… and maybe a splash of whiskey…).

Now the reason I mention this is two fold…firstly it is that despite all this money, the advertising companies seem to come up with some really stupid names…

if the cream doesn’t work, get a suppository and you can shove it up your anus ‘ol’!

…and secondly they also come up with some really stupid phrases…last night my wife and I got the giggles having watched the advert for Canesten Duo, one tablet and a tube of cream that’ll sort out that thrush and…apparently it…

“Leaves you feeling yourself again!”

To watch it click here

Urm… is someone in the advertising department just really sweet- minded and didn’t consider the connotations, or did a team sit round “brainstorming”…

I can visualise it now…

Idiot team leader (ITL)…”Yay, OK, Urm.. so any thoughts about what’s bad about thrush, team?”

New boy in team…”My mum says it’s itchy and sore!”

ITL: “Yay, OK good. Urm so what are the consequences…”

Sweaty bald bloke: “Well if m’ bits were sore I wouldn’t be able to play wiv m’self, so if I were a women, I wouldn’t be able to feel me’selves up like”

ITL: “OK great, so if you use the cream, you’ll be able to feel yourself again…great punchy line to finish on eh? Shall we discuss it with some of the ladies on the team…oh actually, no lets not bother”.

All I can say is if advertising is worth doing, at least have some thought into what exactly you are trying to say!


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