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The demographic of your patients is an important factor, and the sooner you understand the basics of it the sooner you can understand how the general populous tick!

Every street, village, town, city, county and country have a different demographic.  I think it is time I revealed a little about this one.  Lets call it Sickton-on-the-Naze!

Al worried about trimming his nasal hair!

Sickton-on-the-Naze is an old village that has gradually grown into a town.  Traditionally the general population is not very mobile – regardless of age.  I mean this in two ways…

Firstly – Literally not mobile – Zimmerframes. There is a LOT of old folks around here.  This is because very few people leave the area so they grow old here, it also has a high elderly population as people come here to retire.

Secondly – socially mobile.  It’s kind of miles from anywhere, so the folks that grow up in Sickton-on-the-Naze, seem to stay here. They don’t seem too bothered about getting a driving licence, the driving test centre is miles away.  If someone decided to leave and go to college it’s considered a major event.

Due to the culture of not leaving town, people don’t seem to consider it. They stay here with the crap jobs, little chance of promotion, and little expectation. 

Before I start to sound too snobby I would just like to clarify something – I love it here.  From a clinicians point of view it is an interesting place to work.  The people in general are lovely. Sure we have a fair few drug addicts and lots of little old ladies and even a few little old lady drug addicts!  It makes for an interesting day.

The sad thing is that we seem to have a lot of young women who are stuck here and really should be bound for better things, but just don’t consider it.  With obviously some exceptions, the young men seem to be unmotivated and quite ugly, but do alright for themselves in the love stakes as the young women don’t considering casting their love net a little further out to sea.   So if you are an ugly bloke with poor prospects who wants a pretty girlfriend, this really is the place for you.

We also have a few great stereotypes and they probably exist in every surgery across the country. 

We have the Colonel. 

His grandfathers grandfather founded the town and half the streets are named after his dogs. He went into the military and enjoyed blowing things up, and still sometimes forgets that he has left active service and thinks that motability scooters are enemy tanks and takes pot shots at them with his air rifle.

We also have several old ladies who previously had high powered jobs, in the times before ladies were supposed to have high powered jobs.  The type of  woman the Colonel likes to call “Bloody lesbians”, despite the fact they are infact widows. Now with free time on their hands and their minds still agile they decide they can take on the world again and “fight for the little people”.

“Unhand me…I’m not a lesbian!”

We also have a few eccentric old ladies. One of which brings all the Doctors a banana every-time she passes by, and writes messages to them on the skin.  Then there is the lady who denies she has dementia and every-time you mention it to her, she informs you that “nobody ever mentioned it before”.  My personal favourite is a eccentric variant of the previously mentioned high powered ladies, that are waiting for a good murder for them to solve…

.…”Why won’t anyone come on holiday with me?”

oooh, and the 78 year old nurse who still receives a wage from a nursing home where she helps “the old people”, some of which are considerably younger than she!

…and that is why I love my job!

Just added my “Rate this” stars at the top…feel free to use them, so I can get a bit of feed back into what type of post you like best!  I’m insecure and need your help!


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