Blog fog and 9 legged spider???

Posted on October 2, 2009. Filed under: Benign, Elsewhere in the blogisphere |

Arrg…it’s happened again. So busy the week has disappeared and my blog has remained unposted…. Kim can relate…in fact read her post

One thing did get my attention this week….Yes I was fasinated by a story about combatting erectile dysfunction. Apparently the venom from a poisonous spider can help as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.  Seems quite obvious really, any insect bite can cause redness, heat and swelling….well what more do you need to combat ED (That’s Erectile Dysfunction not Emergency department…..nobody knows the cure for the latter!)

Quite how the researchers came up with the hypothesis -Toxic Spider bite cures ED,  I don’t know, and if I did have ED I’m not sure how keen I’d be to try this approach…. “Well hello, nice legs, fancy going down for a bite???” (Sorry I’m feeling smutty this week!)

Hmmm, I think I’ll have to stop there, sorry it is short and random, this week, next week promises to be worse…but I’ll try my best…


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One Response to “Blog fog and 9 legged spider???”

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HMMM! It sounds painful,…but so is labor. So,…you do what you gotta do! Kinda a nice segway to my post this week, Sex IS Important! Since you’re feeling “smutty” this week! 😉

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