Welcome to 2010…

Posted on December 31, 2009. Filed under: Benign |

Thank god for that, pass the axe… Christmas is over and I’m gonna hack down that needle shedding pine and get my carpet back!

Ahhh, bliss it’s time to get back to normal and stop all this messing around. One minute it’s crazy busy, then we are all sitting around doing nothing because the patients can’t be bothered to drag their over fed corpses to the surgery.

So another decade is decayed and the Noughties are over. (What are we calling this decade…”the ackward teens” or “the Ten-tickles?”)

Now I’m not one for picking over the bones of the previous year, although I do a little and end up realising that a fairly straight forward year still contains a few shocks, surprises and giggles.   I like to look forward and make predictions and then look back on them and realise what a prat I’ve been….

So here are my 2010 predictions:

I’m going to have a new hybrid flying car and learn to speak Jupitian. (OK a little over the top perhaps…I can’t even speak French very well!)

I will say something hugely inappropriate to a patient. (Highly realistic and happens most weeks).

I will get agitated by several patients. (Unlikely! I love my darling patients).

I will continue to love my job.

I will contemplate whether to carry on blogging at least once a month, and then when I miss a post I will panic and type one, however it’s plausible I will get a new job and with that the future of this blog is uncertain….

… (Feeling sorry for himself and fishing for compliments….) …it’s not like anyone would miss me!

Watch this space….

Have a fab New Year! Be happy and healthy and I shall report back soon (when you’ve all begged me to stay, and not before!!!)


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Happy New Year, Max


Oh no you don’t! You keep blogging or I’ll have to take drastic measures!

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Noooooo, I would miss you and I just found you! Please, don’t go. =-)

One thing we can count on, is that we can’t count on anything.
Happy New Year!

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