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A goodbye letter to Sickton.

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As you know if you have been paying attention over the past few weeks, I’m off to a new job and I am sad to be leaving the old one. There are lots of patients that I would like to say bye to and I don’t like the idea of them finding out I’ve left without telling them, (there will be a few I’ll be glad to see the back of!) This is obviously impossible to address, however I thought I’d send a letter to the local free paper and see if anyone reads it!

This is how it went (details subtly changed to protect the guilty!)…

To the people of Sickton-on-the Naze and staff of Naze Medical Practice.

Prior to 2005 I knew very little of  Sickton-on-the Naze and the surrounding areas, but on the recommendation of one of your Nurse Practitioners , I came for a job interview to work alongside her as a Nurse Practitioner at Naze Medical Practice. She told me about the surgery, staff and patients and told me how she loved her job there. This made me smile, after all a job is just a job, I’ve always enjoyed what I do, but to “love” work? Surely somewhat of an exaggeration.

The interview went well and I started my job in August 2005. From then until now I have had the most fantastic time in Sickton-on-the Naze. I have made great friends with the surgery staff, and enjoyed meeting the patients here. They have made me smile, laugh and even on some occasions cry. I have shared in their sadness and in their joy. I have listened to them and they to me, we have shared stories. Patients I met as babies are now school children, and I’ve seen spotty teenagers grow into adults and generally watched life progress and feel privileged to have shared in those lives.

One day a patient asked me if I enjoyed my job, and I said that I loved it, no exaggeration. I love working with the team at the surgery, and I love working with the people of Sickton-on-the Naze. For this I would like to say a big thank you and with heavy heart report that I am leaving  Sickton-on-the Naze to work at another surgery closer to home. Sometimes it’s good to move on and increase my experiences, but I will be sad to go. I just hope my replacement loves  Sickton as I do, and once again I say thank you for letting me share in a little part of  life.

Yours Very Sincerely.

Max E Nurse.

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The flip side…

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This post is a little premature and hopefully unnecessary but I’m going to publish it anyway.

If every cloud has a silver lining, does every silver lining have a cloud?

Last week I told you about my job interview and how I have accepted the job, I didn’t mention that this may have blog implications. Currently I have time in my working day to scribble out a few words a week and post them. I do this during my lunch break and a little between patients if they are running late, or indeed I am running early.  

In my new job I will be having shorter breaks and certainly to start with am unlikely to be running ahead of myself.  (You know how it goes with a new job, I’ll need to find where they hide things, like the reception desk and stuff!)

They may also have a more strict policy on internet use. The point is at the moment I just don’t know. I could blog from home, but I simply don’t have the time.

You may also have noticed my ability to write weekly posts has gone out of the window a little! 

Too busy I’m afraid, and although I keep trying to write regularly,  I find myself getting increasingly stressed and down with myself for under achieving.

My concern is that if I have a little hiatus or start blogging less I shall vanish from your subconscious and gather dust next to that toy you’d forgotten about on that shelf. Thus if you love me even a little and haven’t already done it, please do one of the following…


Add me on  or. On both places I shall post when I post, and thus you’ll know…

…and/or subscribe for free at Mybloglog, Bloglines 

That’d be just lovely. I want this little place to live forever and want to keep adding to it, so I SHALL NOT be giving up, but alas I may fade away slightly, things I may have previously written a full post on may just be shown for your own interpretation on a twitter link, and if you miss me I apologise. I guess that’s all I can say for now…pass a hankey please!

Actually one last thing… (and it sounds a bit final, but I don’t mean it to, it’s NOT like the unromantic man, who only says the important things when it’s too late)… Thanks for all your comments, support and especially to those few of you who I know read regularly…It’s great to know I have regulars!

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Logical Oxymoron!

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OK so I am in my consulting room alone, comfort eating. I am suffering a severe case of being illogically logical. Before this morning I would have said that was an oxymoron, I no longer feel it is, I’ll explain in a bit.

Fab Oxymoron example!

Last week I went for an job interview, working with a friend of mine, closer to home, more annual leave and a damn lot less time in the car and money going to fill my car. (Currently I commute a 50 mile round trip daily, that’s 250 miles a week, and about £40 a fortnight in diesel, which is nearly a grand a year just on fuel and I spend over 7 hours in the car each week). 

As you might appreciate I am sometimes silly, this exacerbates when I am a tad nervous for example in interviews!  So before I get back to my logic oxymoron, let me tell you how I answered the interview questions…(my wife laughed and then said.. “you can’t say that in interview!”  (Actually you can, perhaps you shouldn’t, but you can!))

Question: What do you consider the worse part of working in General Practice?

Answer: Hmmm, going home after work??

Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Answer: I’ll be 40, so potentially having a mid-life crisis, tattooed and riding around on a motorbike.

Phwoar!!! Look at the shiny metal…Hey…oh yeah… blogging. Sorry got distracted….

Question: What do you do to combat stress?

Answer: I’d like to say go home and drink 1/2 a bottle of scotch but…(more sensible answer then given).

Question: Name 2 things you’d like to change about yourself.

Answer: “Oh, if I say nothing that sounds really vain. Urm.” “Nasal Hair”

No I don’t have a moustache.

I did clarify with more sensible answers after initially blurting out the above answers, and I obviously can say things like that in interview as they offered me the job.  Now we get to the logic oxymoron…

The new job has a tiny commute, therefore less cost getting to work, more time with my children. It is a good opportunity to develop my skills working in a teaching unit with new people. Logically move really.

I love my current job, every tiny aspect of it.

Environmentally, developmentally, financially and fatherly it’s logical to move.  It is also illogical to leave a job you love in every aspect, so I should stay.   The problem is I am a moron oxymoron.  I am logical yet soppy and emotional.

So I have accepted the new job, and will enjoy it when I get there and make the most of every opportunity, but I shall cry every day before I leave my current job.  Look! I’m an ex A&E nurse, and I still can’t cope with compliments, so anymore of this; “I’m really pleased for you, but we will miss you sooo much/the place won’t be the same without you” stuff and I shall explode.

Anyway if an oxymoron is illogical by its very definition, an illogical oxymoron must be the same as a double negative and therefore is logical!  If you don’t understand me, then just smile nicely and say “yes dear!” If you do understand me seek help immediately.

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