Welcome back…

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It’s unlikely you’ll get excited by the thought of me posting regularly again…so don’t, I still can’t afford the time.  This post is entitled “welcome back” simply because I had a weeks holiday and had the ultimate monday morning on my return so I felt the need to off load…

There are better ways to off load…but not many…

So I get to work, and rather than a friendly…”Welcome back, did you have a nice week off”  I get “Don’t turn your computer on, we’re havin’ trouble!”

So 1 weeks worth of emails, scanned post, blood results etc. I can’t check.

Oh well I crack on with the “actual” post rather than virtual post!  A letter from the prescribing authority stating I have prescribed two control drugs that I shouldn’t be prescribing. I know I haven’t but I am going have to look at why they think I have and they can’t give me the patient details, but just the month it was prescribed. Another unnecessary time consuming exercise, but I can’t sort it yet because…. the computers are down.

Then the patients start coming, an influx of complicated patients whose note I can’t access…sweet joy! Once again I find myself wishing for a UTI (not personally of course!) But no, I get patients that have been discharged from hospital awaiting heart surgery, patients wanting to know the results of investigations I have never heard of, patients who want some more of the tablet they had this time last year but have no idea what it was.

Eventually the computers come back on-line, by which time I am running more than ever-so slightly late!

There’s a knock at my door mid consultation and I find two school children dressed as doctors… a weeny bit late for trick or treat… Oh hang on! One has a stethescope around his cute little neck… Medical students!  I would have known they were coming, if  I’d read my emails…which I couldn’t as the computers were down when I got in!

“Oh do come in!!”

So now I have to try and catch up, look competent and entertain the children students.  I get to the end of the morning clinic feeling completely ragged. 

Do I need another holiday? Hell no! I’d have to come back again!

Still, I have kind of caught up with myself today, so much so that I could have a quick blog.

I feel better already.

Highlight from the week so far:  I called on one of the GP’s for a second opinion of a prostate.  He stood there, finger firmly up the patients arse and said quite proudly with confidence and in a reassuring tone:  

“Oh yes! That feels wonderful!”

I’m sure the patient was reassured, but I doubt he thought the experience “felt wonderful!!


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Welcome back x

Great come back!!
That was a funny article, lol.

Xavi – Arrows Healthcare

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