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The Olympics start in London tonight!!!  (Apart from the fact they have already started the footy, and already made a cock up showing the wrong flags…

It reminded me of last time with the increased accidents at home due to people competing with the TV 

“I often joke that exercises isn’t necessarily good for you…which leads me to the report that states arm chair spectators of the Olympics have been trying to compete…apparently a company that repairs gadgets has received around 50 calls from people wanting to set up their rowing machines and exercise bikes so they can practice keeping up with the Olympians.  My favourite quote in this article is from John Brewer of the Lucozade Sports Science Academy:

There has to be a degree of realism and common sense”

Oh my god….really.  Does this apply to everything in life!!!  Lets just hope they keep it to the rowing machine and exercise bike.   Otherwise it’ll be a case of…
“Honey, duck down I’ve just thrown my javelin in the kitchen….honey?… Sweety are you there??”
The ancient art of Javelin catching…”
 So how are things with Max? Yeah OK actually. I wish I had time to blog like I used to, but alas I just too darn busy!
Hope you enjoy the Olympics, and if you happen to be in the East end of London and hear gunfire, it MIGHT be a starting pistol!!

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