One more thing….

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Sometime I don’t sleep well. I lay in bed reflecting on the day I have had, and the things that add pressure and stress to it, and then something strange happens, and I start to make up rhymes, (they aren’t good enough to call poems), so here is the latest, composed at 2am.

One more thing….

Oh Max E Nurse, you have treated me great.

And I know I have already made you run late,

But just before I go,

I’d like to let you know….

About one other problem that I’ve got,

I don’t like to put you on the spot….

It’s for other’s “One problem per consultation”.

But that doesn’t apply to my constipation.

The patients in the waiting room don’t look so ill.

They’ll just need a prescription for a pill.

So I’m sure you’ve got time for my little worry.
You’ll soon catch up if you hurry.

It’s just….
A little chest pain.
Associated with some weight gain.
and when I sleep I snort,
I think it’s due to my nasal wart…

or maybe as my breast have started to sag.

Did I mention my rash?
It looks like the Russian flag.
My nose has started to drip.

Oh, and my achy hip!!

You thought I’d gone, well, nearly.

You didn’t want to go home really…

…before I got to tell you about….

When I had babies,

and they thought I had Rabies,

and my finger nails itch,

I think it’s cos my mum was a bitch,

That’s why my anxiety is high,

and I have an ache in my thigh.

I think it could be a DVT,

I saw a program on TV.

Why are you opening the door?

Have I told you before…

…about the time….

my skin turned the colour of a lime.

Those patient’s in the waiting room,

Will get to see you fairly soon,

They really do look rather cross.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell them you’re the boss.

and will sort ALL there problems too…..

….Did I mention the colour of my poo???

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4 Responses to “One more thing….”

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Eat your heart out Dr Seuz.

Nurse Practitioner Seuss???

[…] I have stolen this from my other blog as a cross over post from […]

Ohoo… some patients are alwats pesky…. sych a long list of complications. M’hhhh… a good poem, anyway, reavealing quite a lot about your profession. I laughed and I sympathised too. Keep writing.

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