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A goodbye letter to Sickton.

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As you know if you have been paying attention over the past few weeks, I’m off to a new job and I am sad to be leaving the old one. There are lots of patients that I would like to say bye to and I don’t like the idea of them finding out I’ve left without telling them, (there will be a few I’ll be glad to see the back of!) This is obviously impossible to address, however I thought I’d send a letter to the local free paper and see if anyone reads it!

This is how it went (details subtly changed to protect the guilty!)…

To the people of Sickton-on-the Naze and staff of Naze Medical Practice.

Prior to 2005 I knew very little of  Sickton-on-the Naze and the surrounding areas, but on the recommendation of one of your Nurse Practitioners , I came for a job interview to work alongside her as a Nurse Practitioner at Naze Medical Practice. She told me about the surgery, staff and patients and told me how she loved her job there. This made me smile, after all a job is just a job, I’ve always enjoyed what I do, but to “love” work? Surely somewhat of an exaggeration.

The interview went well and I started my job in August 2005. From then until now I have had the most fantastic time in Sickton-on-the Naze. I have made great friends with the surgery staff, and enjoyed meeting the patients here. They have made me smile, laugh and even on some occasions cry. I have shared in their sadness and in their joy. I have listened to them and they to me, we have shared stories. Patients I met as babies are now school children, and I’ve seen spotty teenagers grow into adults and generally watched life progress and feel privileged to have shared in those lives.

One day a patient asked me if I enjoyed my job, and I said that I loved it, no exaggeration. I love working with the team at the surgery, and I love working with the people of Sickton-on-the Naze. For this I would like to say a big thank you and with heavy heart report that I am leaving  Sickton-on-the Naze to work at another surgery closer to home. Sometimes it’s good to move on and increase my experiences, but I will be sad to go. I just hope my replacement loves  Sickton as I do, and once again I say thank you for letting me share in a little part of  life.

Yours Very Sincerely.

Max E Nurse.

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My 2nd WordPress blogiversary…

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Blimey – a year has flown by already!

I’ve two blogiversary presents for you, one is a link to another site that’s nothing to do with me, but just more silly medical stuff.  The other is a few good tracks to accompany this posting.

As far as my blogiversary goes I have little to say that I didn’t say last year…  A few things have changed. I do think I’ve become a little more insular!  Much more benign stuff about my day to day bits and pieced and less topical stuff, perhaps I should start reading again!

On the subject of  potential change and me just jabbering on about things that happened at work….

A young lad presented today and during our chat, I noticed that he had stopped taking his antidepressants. He felt he was ready to stop at the time, but things where getting a little black again…

We discussed whether restarting the anti-depressants was the way forward, to which he said:  “I don’t want to take tablets I just want you to tell me to go and sort myself out”.

I laughed and duly did as my patient asked…I also gave some self help literature. I shared my thoughts on this with the patient…

It would be a great catch phrase for me. “Just go and sort yourself out”.

I could cut my appointment times down to about 3 minutes. That’s 2 minutes and 54 seconds, to listen to the patients problem and 6 seconds to say : “Just go and sort yourself out” and open the door.

Pt: “Help, I’ve got this terrible crushing chest pain…”

Max “Just go and sort yourself out”.

It really is the ultimate in holistic care, taking into account physical and mental aspects and if the patient successfully “sorts them self out”, it surely has to be good for their self esteem and a greater sense of well being.   I’ve often thought patients need to take more responsibility for themselves rather than expecting the health care service to manage their poor dietary habits, lack of exercise and 1 day old sore throats.

Quite frankly after the last few days I could well do with taking up this approach. A few things I’ve wanted to say this week but didn’t have the nerve to (incidentally these are all things I would have said to different patients…yes it’s been one of those weeks).

1: I can not resolve your marital problems you’ve been married 27 years. It’s your spouse you should talk to not me. (Actually I did say this to her after 25 minutes!!)

2: If you’ve tried counselling, psychotherapy, every antidepressant known to the human species and still have no clinical signs of depression but feel you need help…please don’t expect me to sort you out in a 10 minute appointment.

3: It’s flattering, but please don’t come and see me every time you sniff, just so you can flirt outrageously with me and then be happy when I say you don’t need any medication or advice you don’t already know, and just because I’m male and a nurse doesn’t mean I am gay…and even if I was…YOU wouldn’t be my type (real gay men don’t wear eye shadow and their mums perfume!!)!!  If I was gay I’d be a lesbian!!

4: How do you expect me to know what is genuinely going to kill you and needs medical intervention when every time you come you tell me of 5+ unrelated problems?

OK I’m off to lay in a darkened room…really I need to this week!!  Cue soothing music…

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So I Suppose I should start
Go on then…
Welcome -free to browse.

Well…The general idea here is that I tell you a few funny stories and much more importantly anyone who happens to be passing by tells me some.

We all have those little stories that health professionals tell one another in the pub at night, it may be called “reflective practice” or “off loading“, this arena however is more for the category of “well! I didn’t know where to look“.

There are many such scenarios in my “professional history”. Some are simple…

…Guy comes into A&E having nail gunned his trainer to his foot…

…or the slightly more bizarre – Guy comes into A&E complaining of dysurea – and due to his slight air of oddness, I have an urge to call records and get his notes down… A fascinating large file for a 21 year old, with various artifacts the surgical team felt should be cleaned and left in the notes, for curious people like me. Cause of his dysurea turned out to be the biro he had put up his penis….  Apparently it all started when he was 14 sitting by a river and showed his mates how easy (and fun??) it was to cathetarise with fishing wire. As he got bigger so did the foreign bodies…. Hmmm probably going to need a category just for FB’s.

I am also a bit of a fool for saying things that come out either in the wrong place at the wrong time or are just too open for interpretation, so we’ll have a “Did I say that?” area. 

and see where we go from there…  Come on in the waters lovely…

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