Ghostly goings on…


I have never seen a ghost.  Never witnessed any odd goings on I couldn’t explain.  So you may wonder why I have dead-icated a page to such things. 

Health care professionals across the world have witnessed ghostly goings on, and I love to hear about them, so this page is more of a collection of other peoples stories. I can not vouch for there authenticity, but I can tell you that most of them are from well established bloggers who I trust.

Lets start with the legendary Nurse Ratched….her very photo gives me the creeps (not Mother Jones herself of course, I’m sure she is a vision of beauty)….

Nurse Ratched tells of patients who forgot they had died.  Remember the times you thought, I’ll stop her ringing that call buzzer if it’s the last thing I do……and when nurses intuition fails, you can sometimes rely on the angel of death for a prompt…

Whilst Peter down under informs us the ghostly goings on are much more swinging!

Army hospitals too seem to have a bit of a problem with hauntings as the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps web site reveals….

Kendra tells us that…”at the hospital that I was last employed, in suburbia none the less, there was a “story” that said in the back corner of the CCU, 2 of the rooms were watched over by a ghost. 

Now when I first started working there, I laughed my head off.  “Please, ghosts don’t exist”…..That is until at the end of a night shift I had both of my patients, in those same 2 rooms tell me that an Asian women in a robe was walking in and out of their rooms all night. 

Now, the “story” went that an Asian women had coded in the hallway when the hospital first opened and ever since, especially at night, you could see her spirit walking around.

Once again, I am not one to believe in these types of stories but over the past 3 years I had several patients describe that very same “image” of a women and always state that she had a robe on and walked in and out of their rooms at night, never saying a word.  I guess I am now a believer in ghosts!

This page is a work in progress…so either post a comment, send me an email, or write your own post and let me have a link….I see this page as a ghostly archive for health care…and in the meantime…




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8 Responses to “Ghostly goings on…”

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Haha, thanks for adding my ghostly story! I think every hospital has a tale, after all there is a heck of a lot of death. By the way lulu… when thinking of a name, my hubby said, “Kendra, what are you all over the top and gaga for”? And I said, “you, the girls and lulu la boo”. And there you have it! Who is lulu la boo? I have no flippin’ idea, lol!

Max retorts: Oh thanks – much clearer now!!!

My wife, who trained at St Vincent’s Hospital Darlinghurst experienced strange happenings in Ward 18 where she used to work night shift by herself. She recalls when doing rounds to check the IV drip rate, the patients would tell her someone had earlier checked it. This happened everynight she worked there. Strange, considering she was the only one working there. This was compounded by the fact that she experienced an eerie feeling throughout the shift.

Re Peter down unders comment on the Grey Nun. I was a patient at St Vincents circa 1984 and recovering in Intensive care after an operation on my leg. One night probably in early hours of morning, I was awake, but fairly groggy, the room suddenly went very cold and this image came slowly thru the ward holding a candle stick and dressed as a nun, checked as far as I remember a patient in a bed opposite to me in the ward, there seemed to be a silvery grey ligt being around the nun, being omitted from the candle(5there were no other lights on. Next morning I told a nurse what I had seen, she said thait I had seen the hospitals ghost-“the Grey nun, as mentined in peters article. I had no prior knowledge of the existence of this ghost. RGDS Denis (SYDNEY)

Send me to ANY ghostly goings on. I think ghosts are far more safe than what goes on in the so-called real world. I will be compassionate and give care to any thing according to Dr. Watson’s theory of human caring. Even ghosts need loving care. Humans, I am not too sure.

I work in a hospital and about a month ago, the CVICU section was closed for painting. In the middle of the night, my partner and I heard the nurse call alarm going off in CVICU so we investigated. No one was around and yet the alarm was going off. The only way to turn it on was manually. Needless to say, we got security to shut it off

Excellent. Nothing scarier than a deserted hospital at night. Wooooooo hooooooooo boooooooll

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