Say what?

Me and my big mouth…

It’s fairly normal for Practitioners of all types to have a bit of a script that we tend to stick to, bits of humour to which we tragically cling.  Most of the time it takes the edge off things and puts us into a comfortable place.  However sometimes these are misplaced, or sometimes without a second though we just goof up.
“I’ll be mum” is probably one of the most stoopid I’ve come up with, but alas it doesn’t stand alone in my list of things I wish I’d never said, (including the classic  – “Yes! I’ll take the job thank you”)

“Teas Maid a mistake” – The following may be a benign statement rattled off by whom-so-ever is about to pour the tea, on this occasion it was me. On this occasion it may not have been the right expression….  There I stand ready to pour a soothing cup to tea, in the room next to resus known as “The relatives room”

The brew is to sooth the spirits of the grieving family who have just been told there mum has died.  My mouth opens and out falls the expression: “I’ll be mum”.  Did not go down well.

“Hopping Mad”
A young boy presented with his mother complaining of leg pain following a simple trauma. I assessed him, stated he wouldn’t need an Xray, advised on homecare and then humerously stated…(as I’d done before with other patients – but not since)

“Well I don’t think we need to chop it off anytime soon”.
An eerie silence developed in the room …mother explained that his older brother had to have his leg amputated…Well what are the chances…

Love to hear yours…



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Not medical, but I thought I would ad it. As a cab driver in San Diego, I often drive customers over the huge, two mile Coronado Bridge. The first time I told customers the bridge is rated to withstand a 9.0 earthquake will also be the last time. Everyone got very quiet and buckled their seat belts. I thought it would comfort them.

One time an X-ray tech came to my patient’s (end stage liver dx – VERY jaundiced) room to take a chest x-ray. The patient was very agitated and and moaning and the tech kept saying “it’s okay, you’re going to be okay…” Then she flipped the lights back on and saw how yellow the patient was and said “Well. Maybe you’re not going to be okay but anyway, I’m done with the x-ray.”

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