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What do you want from me???

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It’s rainy, it’s dull and it’s windy…Proper winter weather…and I quite like it…

But alas my patients don’t seem so keen!  Everyone (except me of course), is in a foul mood, neither my charm, wit nor “damn fine looks” can make anyone perk up a bit.

One of my cheery chappies this morning came in complaining of something boring, then dropped into the conversation that he was suffering depression again.  So I entered a conversation with him, assessed the extent of his depression and offered him varying treatment options…some self help literature…to which he grumbled…”I don’t agree with this self help culture”. (No comment, actually blow it…I shall comment… when are patients going to take some responsibility for their own health?…I’ll stop now or else I’ll go completely off track).

I then identified that he had previous been seen by the mental health team and that I could re- refer him…. he declined this as a “waste of time”.  I identified that although anti-depressants weren’t the best way to treat depression, he had used them in the past, so we could try those again, but he didn’t like taking medication.  Then, oh yes right then, after I had offered him access to a range of mental health facilities, and medication, and literature…then, he said…there’s nothing available for patients with mental health problems in this country.  Nutter (that’s oxymoron sarcasm (if you can work that out)).

It just didn’t get any better from there.   My next patient had a sinus infection, that although had only been causing symptoms for 2 days, and hadn’t caused any facial swelling, lymphadenopathy or blood stained nasal drainage, had the devistating effect of removing her whole personality and removed her ability to be polite, friendly or even partially smile.

How can these people be SOOOO grumpy? Sure the weathers dull, the financial markets aren’t great…but didn’t they hear The Goons on the radio this morning…

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Varying rants…

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As you may (or may not) have noticed, my posting recently has been a little bit thin on the ground…I doubt I need to say sorry…but if anyone has missed my drivel then..I am truly sorry!

I can say varying things that explain my lack of posts, varying from “too busy”, to “just couldn’t be bothered when I finally had a free minute”.

I have been trying to get some assistance with this blog.  After-all I always insisted it was a place for a collection of items, and not just my rantings.  As such I have been pestering a few people to “guest” for me, and anybody is welcome. Just email your “funny” (ha-ha or peculiar) health care based tales to me on twitter…

Remember the blog is called… “It shouldn’t happen in health care”… so anything that fits, whether it is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you… an example here from the lovely Kim (my blog mum…but don’t tell her that or else she will be embarrassed!!)…

Okay. It’s my first clinical rotation in my first quarter of nursing school. I am 18-years-old and let’s just say I had led a VERY sheltered life and didn’t have any brothers, if you get my drift.

I had never even looked at a “Playgirl”.

First patient? A twenty-three year old male with bilateral broken arms. My assignment?
Bed bath.

I was SO embarrassed, but I managed to rise to the occasion. Fortunately my patient did not, or I’m afraid I would have been traumatized for life.

You can find more from Kim at the legendary Emergiblog.

Or whether you want to tell us about something a patient said to you that made you laugh, cry or wince…(remember this blog is quite benign, so nothing too emotionally scaring, ((nor political)). For example one of mine….

A 91 year old gent came to see me this week with something fairly straight forward to sort out, and I commented that he rarely came to see us and was only on one pill (for reflux), and despite my best efforts to find something else wrong with him, he left as healthy as he came in.

As he was leaving he said… “A lot of people ask me what keeps me so well, I always tell them it was my mis-spent youth”.

Fair enough, then he went on and said…

“It’s a bit late for you now then I suppose!”

Charming….a man 57 year my senior says I’m too old for a mis-spent youth…I wouldn’t have minded so much…but he is right!

In summary…feel free to contribute…I’ve always said this is “your” blog…even in my very first post on this site

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